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Land Run 100 Downtown Stillwater has become home to many annual events that bring people from all over the country. The development of the community’s downtown area has 18 paved the way for the Land Run 100 event to take place for the last 6 years. T he Land Run 100 began in 2013 when the District bicycling com- This program has become a worldwide challenge and is growing munity began to grow in Stillwater. Bicyclists learned that the each year. In 2018, participants of the races came from 37 states and rural roads surrounding Stillwater off ered incredible potential three countries — Canada, Belgium and England. for gravel cyclists. This led to the fi rst Land Run 100 consisting of 121 riders across 107 miles of red dirt roads. The Land Run 100 also provides opportunities and events for people who aren’t running or biking. They use volunteers to help the event go Weather has not always been ideal for these riders. For many years of smoothly, and on Friday night, Downtown Stillwater provides enter- the event, rain has challenged riders to trek across nearly impassable tainment such as shopping, live music, bars, coff ee and more. It is roads, but despite the unforgiving, rutted and muddy circumstances, fun for anyone to tag along and experience all Stillwater has to off er. riders press on. Land Run 100 prides itself in “Everyone who is doing important things in fi nding the will to “redefi ne what is possible.” the industry is here,” Bobby Wintle, event In 2016, organizers added the Land Run Ultra organizer and co-owner of District Bicy- Marathon, an idea that came about after a man named Arthur Elias decided to run the entirety of the bicycle course in 2014. Elias cles told the Stillwater News Press. “It is like To learn more or discover how you can fi nd your grit, visit landrun100.com. ran for a total of 107 miles in 29 hours. This almost impossible task inspired others to join him and resulted in 2017’s 50K, which piqued the interest of more than 100 runners. Christmas, only better, because we are on bikes and around friends.” Equally as important as the fun had during the Land Run, its impact on the Stillwater economy is immeasurable. This weekend attracts hundreds of people outside of our town to shop, experience and enjoy There were so many people signing up for the 50K and the bike ride it, bringing money into the city of Stillwater and impacting the whole that The Double became a new event. The Double combines the 50K community. and the 100-mile bike event. This event starts on Friday morning when participants begin running the 50K. The next morning, they will arrive with the others to ride off on the 100-mile bike event. BY K A MIK A R AL STIN , PHOTOS BY 241 PHOTOGR APHY dibbleandson.com 405.372.7610 119 E. 9th Ave