2019 College Track Social Mobility Report 2019 College Track Social Mobility Report (web) - Page 9

<25 yrs old N=50 National average for all American’s with a Bachelor’s degree* Enrolled or Graduated Today, 13% of our 2017 graduates are enrolled in graduate school (9% as their primary activity and another 4% also have a full-time job). This figure jumps to 30% for graduates who are one year older, and by the time they are 30-36 years-old, 22% have a graduate degree and another 15% are enrolled. This means that up to 37% of College Track bachelor’s degree holders are on track to earn a graduate degree, in line with graduate school enrollment and completion for all Americans with a bachelor’s degree. 4 13% WHAT ABOUT GRADUATE SCHOOL? SPOTLIGHT TWO College Track alumni earn graduate degrees on par with the national average 25 yrs old N=44 26-30 yrs old N=62 30-36 yrs old N=60 *Who Goes to Graduate School and Who Succeeds?, 2017, Urban Institute College Track Page 9