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Appendix B: REGRESSION RESULTS: IMPACT OF VARIOUS COLLEGE BEHAVIORS ON CAREER OUTCOMES For the third consecutive year we asked students several questions about behaviors in college that could influence career outcomes. This year, we had sufficient respondents (combining graduates from 2015 to 2017) to run a more sophisticated analyses. In addition to examining the individual impact of academic and behavioral features on career outcomes, we also looked at their relative impact, controlling for all others. With the exception of internships (the more the better for employment outcomes!) not all these factors appear to be significant every year or in every model. However, our samples are still modest so we will continue studying the relationship between these behaviors and career outcomes as our number of graduates grows. Employment Income Statistically signifi cant factors, even when controlling for all demographic, academic, and behavioral factors One internship (compared to none) 0.4 5 More than one internship (compared to none) 0.5 10 STEM major (compared to “not STEM “) 0.2 9 Observations 68 45 Best Fit college 0.2 4 Social Science major (compared to neither STEM nor social science) 0.3 5 11th grade GPA (for every 1 point increase) 0.2 9 Had well-defi ned post-college plan (compared to no plan) 0.1 2 Involved in at least 1 club 0.2 2 Held leadership role in a club 0.4 10 Attended networking event 0.3 -11 83 to 118 53 to 78 Not (yet) statistically signifi cant in the full model, but appear signifi cant in single variable models that control for demogaphics Not (yet) statistically signifi cant in any model Had at least 1 job in college Had faculty mentor College GPA Observations p<0.10 p<0.05 p<0.001 Data is from the pooled 2015-2017 graduating classes. Only observations with complete data on these measures were included and the top earners (income >=$75K) were excluded.Employed model is run on all observations. Income model is only run for those who are employed. College Track Page 25