2019 College Track Social Mobility Report 2019 College Track Social Mobility Report (web) - Page 23

College Track’s growing alumni network puts us in a strong position to examine the relationship between college and career as well as the levers to achieving upward social mobility in 21st century America. This year’s research re-affirms our belief that a four-year college degree paves the way to a life of opportunity and agency. Our graduates’ income levels are on par with that of bachelor’s degree holders nationwide and they experience high measures of choice, including where to work, how to align that work to long-term career goals, and whether to continue graduate studies. One of the key lessons we took away from our investigation is that how one goes to college matters as much as where one goes to college. And we captured some of the critical behaviors that all college students can implement, such as monitoring loan thresholds, linking majors to particular career plans, and getting involved on campus, to be successful. Our relentless pursuit of what it takes to achieve equity in America will be evidence-based. We will continue to survey our alumni yearly and adapt our model as their number grows to over 1,600 by 2024 across California, Louisiana, Colorado, and the D.C. Metro Area. College Track Page 23