2019 College Track Social Mobility Report 2019 College Track Social Mobility Report (web) - Page 20

MANY COLLEGE TRACK GRADUATES CHOOSE CAREERS IN PUBLIC INTEREST C O L L E G E T R A C K • P O S T- C O L L E G E O U TC O M E S Our graduates favor jobs in the public interest Nearly 2/3 say their job is in the public interest Wages are lower in public interest jobs Yet social mobility is high for any career choice P U B LI C I NT E RE ST OT H E R S E CTO R S Non-profit, schools, government, hospitals, universities, law firms Tech, retail, medicine, pharmaceutical vs. N=54 AGE 25-30 N=41 N=38 61% 39% $58,000 I earn more money than my parents 78% Public Interest N=93 vs. 81% Other sectors N=56 Public interest careers are more satisfying vs. N=15 AGE 30-36 My job is aligned to my interests + career aspirations 74% Public Interest N=77 vs. Note: Individuals who earned their degree from 2006 to 2017 and are employed full-time, excluding those who reported wages below $30,000, or above $150,000, as these few could not be quantified. 61% Other sectors N=54 College Track Page 20