2019 College Track Social Mobility Report 2019 College Track Social Mobility Report (web) - Page 14

SPOTLIGHT THREE DO OUR GRADUATES HAVE TWO JOBS TO PAY FOR COST OF LIVING? We uncovered that 13% of our older graduates who are employed full- time also have a second job—yet the nature of these second jobs is not predominantly an after-hours hustle to help pay the bills, such as valet attendant, ride-share driver, or waiter. On the contrary, most of these “two jobers” have developed a second activity that enhances their career or even presents an entrepreneurial opportunity, such as a Director of Diversity and Inclusion who started a consulting practice or a Graphic Designer also working as an illustrator. We interviewed Tevah to learn more about this “Millennial Hustle” 4 “From a young age, I made it my mission to support artists, businesses, and nonprofits making a difference and help grow their audiences using marketing, media, and culture. The pursuit of this mission has led me down a colorful career path, from songwriting and video creation to entrepreneurship and public speaking, each giving me unique perspectives and skills I use today. Currently, I run a creative firm called Nspired Media that advertises those making an impact in the world. I also sit on the global business marketing team of a large tech company where free marketing e-courses I create are read by millions of small businesses across the globe.” -Tevah, College Track Oakland, George Mason University graduate College Track Page 14