2019 College Track Social Mobility Report 2019 College Track Social Mobility Report (web) - Page 12

COLLEGE TRACK GRADUATES ARE UPWARDLY MOBILE While it may take a few years post-graduation for a student to start earning more money than their parents, the trend is undeniable: College Track graduates are upwardly mobile. Right out of college, 60% 6 make more money than at least one of their parents and by the time they are 30 this ratio jumps to 87%. This is higher than last year’s report and continues to exceed the national average for all students. C O L L E G E T R A C K • P O S T- C O L L E G E O U TC O M E S Our graduates are upwardly mobile <25 years old N*=15 25 years old N=27 26-29 years old N=57 I earn more than my parents do now The impact of a college degree increases over time: 87% of our oldest graduates earn more than their parents, far exceeding the national average.^ 30+ years old N=52 *Number of survey respondents who were employed full-time, excluding the 12 individuals who said they “did not understand the question.” ^The American Dream Quantified at Last, David Leonhardt, NYT, Dec 2016 College Track Page 12