2019 Championship Program 2019 WGASC Championships Final - Page 3

A message from the President... Dear WGASC Community, Congratulations and thank you for another successful WGASC season! Whether you performed, instructed, choreographed, chaperoned, adjudicated, coordinated, or volunteered- thank you for all that you have done to support this organization and this community. This season we have much to celebrate! We have seen tremendous growth from all our WGASC performing units from our junior high divisions all the way through our independent ensembles; both here in Southern California and in Las Vegas. We have had an increase this year in our local guards successfully competing at the WGI level in both regionals and at World Championships, with multiple finalists at WGI and a record year of success for our independent ensembles. WGASC is home to the Gold medal champion in the Independent A class, a top ten finalist in Independent Open, and the Independent Word Class bronze medalist! What an amazing accomplishment for our independent groups this season! The WGASC has continued to establish our social media presence and increase our followers, and we have additionally continued our solo competitions for a second year at the Signature Shows. Collectively, all of your combined talents make the WGASC the best place to experience competitive color guard and we are thankful to have you in the WGASC Community. Please also join me in thanking the many people behind the scenes that help make the WGASC function throughout the year. To our Executive Director, Scott Bilbruck, for his continued leadership throughout this year and all the years before. His constant big picture thinking keeps WGASC relevant and current in this ever- changing activity. A huge thank you to the Executive Committee: Debby, Richard, Dan, and Ben; your service to WGASC goes unparalleled. Running the organization is far from glorious work, but without your service all year long, we surely would flounder. Thank you for your dedication every week to making WGASC be the best it can be. To Brian Nunez, our Events Coordinator and social media manager, thank you for your tireless pursuit of ensuring the best competitive experience for all our performing units. Your passion to provide the most excellent performer experience has affected WGASC in the most profoundly positive of ways. Additionally, thank you to Michael Stone, who consistently seeks to assign outstanding adjudication by well- trained local, national, and WGI level judges to foster all of our members at all levels of competition. And to the entire WGASC staff, Rhonda, Matt, Joey, contest directors, techs, and announcers, thank you for all of your work in creating and producing the WGASC contests this season. It is through your efforts that the 2019 WGASC season has been such a success. As we wrap up this season, we are excited to be awarding an outstanding ten thousand dollars in scholarships this season! It is the mission of the WGASC to not only provide quality competition for our community but to also give back to those performers and support them in their next journey- college! As we grow as an organization, our goal of providing more educational opportunities to the performers and the instructors is at the utmost priority for us. To do this, we are hosting a Casino Night scholarship benefit, on Saturday, June 1st to help raise money to support this endeavor. ThIf you are interested in donating to this cause or attending this celebratory event, please visit the website or speak to any WGASC staff member. The WGASC exists to serve our colorguard community and we are proud of all the students that are a part of our ensembles. We hope that each performer can take the skills that they have learned in the colorguard activity and apply them to other areas of their life, helping them to overcome challenges and find success just as they have in this art form. We appreciate you and hope you had a positive and memorable experience throughout this season. Thank you for your participation in the 2019 season of the Winter Guard Association of Southern California. We are honored to serve you, and thank you for being a member of our community. Thank you, Melissa Samson WGASC President 20 19