2019 BBNC Annual Report - Page 12

My great-grandmother and grandmother fished for a living and my mom and I operate a boat together to fish our permits. The Bristol Bay fishery has fed and supported my family for generations and it is important for me to pass that tradition on. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE BRISTOL BAY TO SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER VISITED BEFORE? There is something to be said for living life the slow way and returning to your roots. Date and time don’t matter as much here because people are on “salmon time.” The wildlife is abundant, with a flourishing ecosystem and the largest wild salmon fishery in the world. AS A COMMERCIAL AND SPORT FISHER, WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL BELIEFS ABOUT SALMON PROTECTION? I believe that our state’s most valuable resource is salmon. As much as I love to fish and as important as it is to my livelihood, we all need to respect that resource. Be an advocate for fish, practice proper catch and release techniques, harvest only what you need, don’t be wasteful, clean up our rivers, and be a good example for the next person enjoying our fisheries. 10 BBNC FY2019 ANNUAL REPORT WHY IS BBNC’S FISH FIRST PRIORITY IMPORTANT TO YOU? The future of our salmon is more important now than it has ever been. It’s taken over 50 years to build a system to protect our salmon and we’ve seen incredible, record- breaking numbers in Bristol Bay recently. This could all be destroyed forever with the Pebble mine. As a BBNC shareholder, it is extremely important to me that my corporation’s policies and values put fish first and that it does everything in its power to educate and fight this threat to our region. I think BBNC’s position is true to how shareholders feel. It makes me proud to have a part in this corporation. REFLECTING BACK ON YOUR VISITS TO BRISTOL BAY, HOW DO YOU FEEL? Even though my time here is short, Bristol Bay will always hold a big piece of my heart. This place has shaped me into who I am today. It has given me a love for a sustainable fishery, salmon, village life, work ethic, and has taught and continues to teach me valuable life skills. As I approach the new season every year, I look forward to my visit. It’s when I get to go home.