2019 American Waterways Operators Annual Report Issue 2019 - Page 6

2019 ACHIEVEMENTS: SAFETY LEADERSHIP AWO strives to lead and support members in continuously improving safety, security and environmental stewardship. In 2019, we demonstrated our industry’s continued commitment to operating as the safest mode of freight transportation in America by: ■ Working through the Coast Guard-AWO Safety Partnership to track trends in industry safety performance and continuously improve safety on the waterways. ■ Supporting members in the transition to Subchapter M through close communication with the Coast Guard, publication of the Sub M Spotlight e-mail series, webinars and working group initiatives to provide timely information and implementation support. ■ Enabling members to align RCP and TSMS certificate dates to reduce audit burdens without compromising safety. ■ Securing record participation in the Safety Statistics Reporting Program – accounting for 95% of member equipment – to facilitate benchmarking, promote continuous improvement, and allow for comparison of AWO member safety performance against the industry as a whole. ■ Finalizing the Coast Guard-AWO Western Rivers Aids to Navigation Quality Action Team report to help optimize navigation safety and resource efficiency on the inland river system. ■ Convening well-attended Safety Committee meetings to give industry safety professionals a one- of-a-kind forum to share practical information and lessons learned to help them do their jobs better. ■ Establishing the Environmental Stewardship Working Group to develop a framework to support AWO members in building on our industry’s status as the greenest mode of freight transportation. n 4 THE AMERICAN WATERWAYS OPERATORS