2019 American Waterways Operators Annual Report Issue 2019 - Page 2

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN WE ARE AWO I am proud that in our 75th year we chose to honor the work of our predecessors by ensuring that AWO remained the industry’s safeguard against the efforts of those who would seek to legislate or regulate us out of business. In 2019 we protected the Jones Act, fought against the erosion of federal preemption and supported our industry-wide safety initiatives. We also prepared ourselves for the fight ahead with the promotion of Jennifer Carpenter to serve as President & CEO. When asked why a company should be a member of AWO, I look around at the membership who so generously give their time and intellect to achieve our goals, and at the staff who work tirelessly on our behalf, and say, “How can I not be part of this great team and part of such a necessary fight?!” AWO is the membership – AWO is us. Only through our engagement can we ensure that our companies and industry continue to serve the American people for another 75 years, and beyond. Thank you. Scott Merritt Chairman of the Board Representing Foss Maritime Company