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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. DOES ROCKY MOUNTAINEER HAVE SLEEPER CARS? The train does not have sleeper cars. Guests spend their days on the train and their nights in comfortable hotel accommodations. This way, they will not miss a moment of the stunning scenery along their journey. 2. CAN CHILDREN TRAVEL ON ROCKY MOUNTAINEER? Yes, unless otherwise noted. However, the Rocky Mountaineer trip through the Rockies is a minimum of two eight-hour days onboard the train, which may be long for some children, and is not recommended for infants. 3. HOW FAR DO I TRAVEL ON ROCKY MOUNTAINEER ROUTES?  First Passage to the West—about 955 kilometres (595 miles), Journey through the Clouds—about 900 kilometres (560 miles), Rainforest to Gold Rush—about 1,153 kilometres (717 miles), and Coastal Passage (between Seattle and Banff)—about 1207 kilometres (751 miles). All journeys travel in the daylight. 4. WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MY TRIP?  The Rocky Mountaineer Preparing to Go guide provides helpful tips and details to get the most out of your vacation. Visit https://www.rockymountaineer.com/ before-you-leave 5. WHAT IS THE PROTOCOL CONCERNING GRATUITIES FOR ROCKY MOUNTAINEER HOSTS?  Gratuities are not included in prices (unless indicated) for Rocky Mountaineer Hosts, driver-guides, transfers, tour escorts, or hotel porterage. While it is neither our place nor our wish to tell you how much to tip, gratuities in Canada are often given in recognition of service excellence. You can find a recommended breakdown based on class of service and journey at rockymountaineer.com, under “Onboard Experience” in the FAQ section. If you are travelling on an organized tour, you may want to check with your Tour Director to confirm the amount of gratuity for your Hosts that may have been included in your tour package. 6. AM I ABLE TO MOVE AROUND WITHIN ROCKY MOUNTAINEER? One of the advantages of train travel is the spacious room afforded to all guests. Guests are able to move through their own coach and can enjoy fresh air outside their coaches. Access to the GoldLeaf Service dome coach vestibule is limited to guests travelling in GoldLeaf Service. 7. AM I ABLE TO BRING MY PET ALONG? All pets or animals (excluding certified service animals for guests with disabilities) are prohibited from travelling onboard Rocky Mountaineer. 8. CAN I UPGRADE MY ACCOMMODATIONS IN KAMLOOPS, QUESNEL, OR WHISTLER? Rocky Mountaineer has secured the best available accommodation in Kamloops, Whistler, and Quesnel for our guests. In Kamloops and Quesnel, guests will overnight in moderate accommodation with essential amenities. We are unable to offer hotel upgrades for the overnight stops in Kamloops, Quesnel, or Whistler. 9. WHAT MEALS DO I RECEIVE? Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that are included onboard Rocky Mountaineer will be noted with either B (Breakfast), L (Lunch), M (Afternoon Meal), D (Dinner) on each package page, which indicates the meals included as part of your package. When you’re not onboard the train, you can add a meal plan to ensure breakfasts and dinners are covered for your entire package. You will be presented with a set menu. 10. CAN I MAKE CHANGES TO MY BOOKING ONCE MY TRIP HAS STARTED?  e are happy to look into this request for you, however W changes to confirmed bookings are subject to availability as well as additional costs and change fees. 11. WHAT WILDLIFE WILL I SEE? There are wonderful opportunities for viewing wildlife during your stay in Canada’s West, including bear, elk, deer, moose, bald eagles, osprey, salmon, mountain goats, and bighorn sheep. However, “wildlife is wild” and, as such, sightings are never guaranteed. If you do come into contact with animals, please act responsibly, maintain a safe distance, and never feed any wild animal. 12. DOES ROCKY MOUNTAINEER STOP FOR PHOTOGRAPHS ALONG THE ROUTE? No, but the train slows to a very slow speed at particularly scenic locations to ensure guests have time for photographs. 13. DOES THE PANORAMIC HELICOPTER FLY IN INCLEMENT WEATHER? The Panoramic Helicopter Tour may be cancelled due to poor weather and a price reduction will apply. A price reduction will also apply to guests who remove Panoramic Helicopter tours at time of booking. 14. ARE THERE ANY ADDITIONAL COSTS I SHOULD BE AWARE OF SURROUNDING MY RENTAL CAR? There are some mandatory charges that must be paid locally including GST, Airport Concession Fees, or Facility Charges, depending on the location of pickup and drop- off. As well, there is an Energy Recovery Fee and an Air Conditioner Excise Tax. There are also optional charges for additional drivers, insurance, or car seats. Please note that your Self-Drive vacation does not include gasoline, hotel parking, or the necessary National Parks Pass for your vehicle. 15. HOW DO YOU ASSIGN SEATS? At check-in, you will receive a boarding pass with your pre-assigned seat and overnight accommodation for Kamloops, or Whistler and Quesnel. If you have special seating requests, such as sitting near a friend who has booked separately, please advise Rocky Mountaineer at least 30 days in advance. We are unable to accommodate specific seat, train coach location, or first or second meal seating requests. 16. IS TRAVELLING EASTBOUND BETTER THAN WESTBOUND? Our routes are spectacular in either direction and will include the same highlights and scenery. We encourage guests to choose the direction of travel based on their own schedule requirements and availability at the time of booking. 17. WHAT ARE THE VANCOUVER LOOKOUT AND THE CALGARY TOWER? The Vancouver Lookout and the Calgary Tower offer guests a fantastic 360-degree view of each city. BROCHURE PRICES Prices displayed are per person based on double occupancy. Prices for singles, triples, quads, and for children are available on request. Quads are not available on Holland America Line; triples and quads are not available at Sonora Resort or 5 ) ɥ́)MA %09L9)%M %1%QdIEU%I59QL)I5չхȁݥ)ٕ䁕ЁѼЁ̰)Ցѡɕեɕ́ȁͅ)Օ̸1M٥)ٔمѽ́ȁՕ́ݡٔɽՉ)ͥѡɅхɍ͔A͔ɴ)ɕ͕مѥ́ЁЁѡѥ)䁅ͥх́ɕեɕ)1U=9 =I)I= -d5=U9Q%9H)Օϊd՝ݥٕɕ)Ѽѡȁ-̰]ѱȰȁEՕ͹)ѥՕ́͡ձɔ)Ѽ䁅䁵ѥ́ݥѠѡɐ)ѡɅ)M5=-IA=1% d)Qɔѡɕ͕مѥ)ȁɅ٥ɽа)ѡЁՕ̰͵́)ɵѕɐI5չхȁȁ)ѡɅхѥ̸Q́Ց́ѡٕѥձ)ݕѡ́ѡɕɽ)ѥ̸]ɕєȁչх)]!8Q