2019 AAA USD Rocky Mountaineer Brochure RM_PB2019_eBrochure_NA_AAA - Page 80

VANCOUVER | KAMLOOPS | BANFF | LAKE LOUISE | JASPER QUESNEL | WHISTLER | VANCOUVER GRAND RAIL CIRCLE This epic circuit links the sigh-triggering sights of the Canadian Rockies with two nights to explore Vancouver, plus Whistler—Canada’s premier resort town. For pricing and all package options for this route, visit the Travel Planning Guide on page 96. JOURNEY HOTEL NIGHTS TRAIN DAYS MEALS INCLUDED TRIP HIGHLIGHTS TOUR CODE 13 DAYS 12 NIGHTS 5 DAYS 4 BREAKFASTS 6 LUNCHES 1 AFTERNOON MEAL ALBERTA QUESNEL 1 2 JASPER BRITISH COLUMBIA • VANCOUVER LOOKOUT • BANFF TOUR INCLUDING BANFF GONDOLA • YOHO NATIONAL PARK TOUR BANFF TO LAKE LOUISE • ICEFIELDS PARKWAY TOUR INCLUDING ICE EXPLORER, LAKE LOUISE TO JASPER • JASPER HIGHLIGHTS TOUR • NATIONAL PARKS PASS WHISTLER 1 VANCOUVER 1 1 COLUMBIA ICEFIELD 1 LAKE LOUISE BANFF 3 KAMLOOPS WASHINGTON First Passage to the West JBLC Rainforest to Gold Rush ITINERARY & SIGHTSEEING Number of Hotel Nights Motorcoach B BREAKFAST L LUNCH Canada United States M AFTERNOON MEAL DAY 1 VANCOUVER Arrive and spend time exploring scenic Vancouver on your own. Included is admission to the Vancouver Lookout. Overnight in Vancouver. DAY 6 BANFF TO LAKE LOUISE A half-day motorcoach tour into Yoho National Park. See the Spiral Tunnels and Emerald Lake. Overnight in Lake Louise. DAY 10 JASPER TO TU4T"&&B&6VFVW"fW&vBVW6V6VRvRSrf"gV&FW&'D"d4UdU"D2"&&B&6VFVW"fW&vBश26VRvR#2f"gV&FW&'DrRT4PW&RRV6RW"vfW&vBRV6RfW&v@D22D$db"&&B&6VFVW"fW&vB&fbDRT4RD5U"FW"&fbB7W"F&2fFP6VfVG2&v'F&66vƖvG2&P&rRFR6V&6VfVBF&66f2B&FR6RW&W"v6W"6vƲ@V66VFVBfW&vB7W"DB$db4tE4TTpVbFFW"b&rf2FR&fbvFF֗766VFVBR֖Wv7W'&6P6&W"BFRF2fW&vB&fbDR$d`7VBFRVF&RFW&r&fbF&W"vfW&vB&fb44DD0d4UdU $d`RT4P5U D5U"tĔtE2DU"F2&rRvV66V2FW"b7W F&V626VFVBFR&VFW bFRF2g&VRfW&vB7W"FWVFrFR6W'f6RWfVR66RRbFR&VrFV2&R6VFVBW"6vRऄDTb4dU$T`4U%d4R4TT5DTBDTbtDT`4U%d4R4TT5DTBDTbtDTb4U%d4P4TT5DTBtD$Uu$DP4U$Dt4TE$PE$DD$dU"4T42DTd4UdU DTUR4EdUr$Фd$B$db5$u0d$B$Фd$B4DTRRT4Pd$BUdUr$Фd$B5U"$DtPd$B$dU"4T42DTd4UdU $TԔU"4EdUr$Фd$B$db5$u0DTUR$Фd$B4DTRRT4PDTURUdUr$Фd$B5U"$DtPDTUR$Ф$db$DtPd$B4DTRRT4Pd$B$Ф%5D4DtPDTB$4DTt$U2$R$4TBd$ĕEBt$R4d$TBBDRb$rs` DTU4TDt5DU""&&B&6VFVW"খv7FW"D"t5DU"Dd4UdU"Х7VBFRW&rv7FW"W"vF0gFW&G&fV&&B&6VFVW"fW&vBf6WfW"D2d4UdU W"w&B&6&6RW&WVG2vF6V6W@g&W"f6WfW"FVDDU0V&ǒ7&rFRWGVffW"W"&W7B&6pe$d4UdU"T5D$TB"##R"#`T"b#23TrB##TrB#P4UR#"#