2019 AAA USD Rocky Mountaineer Brochure RM_PB2019_eBrochure_NA_AAA - Page 56

BESTSELLER VANCOUVER | KAMLOOPS | JASPER | BANFF | LAKE LOUISE | CALGARY JOURNEY THROUGH THE CLOUDS CALGARY DEPARTURE ALSO AVAILABLE. EXPLORER Discover why this has been one of our most popular holidays for more than a decade. Care for a hint? All the must-see sights of the Canadian Rockies are included in this eight-day itinerary. For pricing and all package options for this route, visit the Travel Planning Guide on page 96. JOURNEY HOTEL NIGHTS TRAIN DAYS MEALS INCLUDED TRIP HIGHLIGHTS TOUR CODE 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS 2 DAYS 2 BREAKFASTS 4 LUNCHES ALBERTA BRITISH COLUMBIA 2 JASPER COLUMBIA ICEFIELD FPO KAMLOOPS • VANCOUVER LOOKOUT • JASPER HIGHLIGHTS TOUR • ICEFIELDS PARKWAY TOUR INCLUDING ICE EXPLORER JASPER TO BANFF • YOHO NATIONAL PARK TOUR BANFF TO LAKE LOUISE • L AKE LOUISE TO CALGARY TOUR INCLUDING BANFF GONDOLA • P  ANORAMIC HELICOPTER TOUR 1 VANCOUVER 1 1 LAKE LOUISE BANFF 1 PANORAMIC HELICOPTER TOUR WASHINGTON Journey through the Clouds XJGE (EB) XJGW (WB) Motorcoach Canada Number of Hotel Nights United States ITINERARY & SIGHTSEEING B DAY 1 VANCOUVER Arrive and spend time exploring scenic Vancouver on your own. Included is admission to the Vancouver Lookout. Overnight in Vancouver. is included. The remainder of the day is free for you to explore more of Jasper at your leisure. Overnight in Jasper. DAY 3 KAMLOOPS TO JASPER B L Onboard Rocky Mountaineer. Overnight in Jasper. DAY 5 JASPER TO BANFF L Travel along the Icefields Parkway to Banff by motorcoach. A stop will be made at Athabasca Falls before arriving at the Columbia Icefield, where you will ride on an Ice Explorer. Glacier Skywalk and lunch included. Afterwards, a brief stop will be made at Bow Lake. Overnight in Banff. DAY 4 JASPER HIGHLIGHTS TOUR L Today you will enjoy a scenic half-day tour of Jasper National Park including many natural attractions and rugged peaks, and perhaps you’ll even catch a glimpse of some of the crea- tures that call this mountain park home. Lunch DAY 6 BANFF TO LAKE LOUISE A half-day motorcoach tour takes you into Yoho National Park. Among the attractions are the Spiral Tunnels, Emerald Lake, and a natural rock bridge. The tour ends in Lake Louise, where you will stay overnight. DAY 2 VANCOUVER TO KAMLOOPS B L Onboard Rocky Mountaineer. Overnight in Kamloops. See page 39 for full rail itinerary. ACCOMMODATIONS VANCOUVER Depending on the service level you choose, one of the below hotels may be included in your package. HOTEL IF SILVERLEAF SERVICE SELECTED HOTEL IF GOLDLEAF SERVICE SELECTED HOTEL IF GOLDLEAF SERVICE SELECTED WITH ROOM UPGRADE PINNACLE HOTEL HARBOURFRONT FOUR SEASONS HOTEL VANCOUVER DELUXE CITY-VIEW ROOM FAIRMONT JASPER PARK LODGE FAIRMONT ROOM FAIRMONT BANFF SPRINGS FAIRMONT ROOM FAIRMONT CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE FAIRMONT LAKEVIEW ROOM FAIRMONT PALLISER FAIRMONT ROOM FAIRMONT WATERFRONT SIGNATURE HARBOUR VIEW ROOM FAIRMONT JASPER PARK LODGE DELUXE ROOM FAIRMONT BANFF SPRINGS DELUXE ROOM FAIRMONT CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE DELUXE LAKEVIEW ROOM FAIRMONT PALLISER JUNIOR SUITE JASPER THE CRIMSON JASPER BANFF BANFF CARIBOU LODGE LAKE LOUISE CALGARY FAIRMONT CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE FAIRMONT ROOM DELTA CALGARY DOWNTOWN HOTEL AND ROOM CATEGORIES ARE BASED ON AVAILABILITY AND WILL BE CONFIRMED AT TIME OF BOOKING. 52 CALGARY 1 BREAKFAST L LUNCH DAY 7 LAKE LOUISE TO CALGARY WITH PANORAMIC HELICOPTER TOUR Begi FR&rvFF&666vG6VVpFW"b&fbrFRG2bFW&W7B&R&pf2R֖Wv7W'&6R6&W"BFPF2G&FR&fbvF26VBЦVB6FVRF62f""֖WFP&֖2VƖ6FW"FW"fW"FR&V&&PG66RbFR&6W2&Vf&RW"G&6fW"F6v'VF֗76FFR6v'FvW"fW&vB6v'D4t%W"W&WF&VvFR6VG2W&W"W&WVG2vF6V6WBg&W"6v'FVDDU0V&ǒ7&rFRWGVffW"W"&W7B&6pe$d4UdU"V7F&VB"R#"#R#"b2b#T2b2r#TBRTrR"R4U"R"b5B2r#0#@# # #0#p#p#P#`#`e$4t%vW7F&VB3##3"2b##2#r3@rB##R#T@T"b2b##2#r3R#"#R#Tr2b2r##B#r34U0rBr##B#5BR