2019 AAA USD Rocky Mountaineer Brochure RM_PB2019_eBrochure_NA_AAA - Page 43

JOURNEY THROUGH THE CLOUDS ROUTE TRAIN DAY 1 VANCOUVER KAMLOOPS Your journey starts gently, moving through the fertile farmland of the Fraser Valley and the rolling hills of the Coast Mountains. As your train gains altitude beyond the town of Hope, the Fraser River narrows and the waters run rampant. The train will slow to fully appreciate Hell’s Gate, a narrow canyon where the volume of water rushing through is about three times greater than Niagara Falls. At the midway point of your journey, near your overnight stop of Kamloops, the river valley remains lush and green while sagebrush covers the surrounding desert-like hills. TRAIN DAY 2 KAMLOOPS JASPER When you board the train after spending the night in a charming Kamloops hotel, you will follow the North Thompson River, slowing to take in Pyramid Falls, a 91.5-metre (300- foot) cascade of whitewater. After giving you time to pick up your jaw, the train continues on to the Yellowhead Pass. Moving past teal-green lakes, you’ll close in on Mount Robson, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies. It’s so high it has its own weather system. The striking thing about this route is that once you’ve seen what you think is the most beautiful sight ever, something even more stunning comes along. To cap it all off, you’ll wind up in the alluring alpine town of Jasper. You can also choose to travel westbound, journeying from Jasper to Vancouver. 39