2019 AAA USD Rocky Mountaineer Brochure RM_PB2019_eBrochure_NA_AAA - Page 33

NEW VANCOUVER | KAMLOOPS | BANFF | SUNSHINE VILLAGE | LAKE LOUISE | CALGARY CALGARY DEPARTURE ALSO AVAILABLE. BRITISH COLUMBIA ALBERTA 1 1 LAKE LOUISE BANFF KAMLOOPS 2 FPO VANCOUVER 1 SUNSHINE VILLAGE 1 CALGARY WASHINGTON First Passage to the West Self-Drive Canada Number of Hotel Nights United States ITINERARY & SIGHTSEEING B DAY 1 VANCOUVER ARRIVAL Arrive in Vancouver and spend time exploring this scenic city on your own. Included is admission to the Vancouver Lookout. Overnight in Vancouver. DAY 2 VANCOUVER TO KAMLOOPS B L Onboard Rocky Mountaineer. Overnight in Kamloops. See page 23 for full rail itinerary. DAY 3 KAMLOOPS TO BANFF B L Onboard Rocky Mountaineer. On arrival in Banff, collect your rental car and take a leisurely drive to the base of Sunshine Village. Upon arrival, you will be transported to travel up to Sunshine Village either by gondola or shuttle bus. Overnight in Sunshine Village. ACCOMMODATIONS VANCOUVER SUNSHINE VILLAGE LAKE LOUISE CALGARY DAY 4 SUNSHINE VILLAGE Today is yours to explore Sunshine Village in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Enjoy stunning alpine trails, with views that are beyond compare. You can take the gondola down and spend a few hours checking out Banff. Other local attractions include Bow Falls, Lake Minnewanka, Surprise Corner, and the Hoodoos. Overnight in Sunshine Village. DAY 5 SUNSHINE VILLAGE TO LAKE LOUISE On your way to Lake Louise take a leisurely drive along the Bow Valley Parkway for views of Castle Mountain. Be sure to stop at Johnston Canyon (requires a short walk). Take a breathtaking detour to Moraine Lake and Valley of the Ten Peaks. Overnight in Lake Louise. Depending on the service level you choose, one of the below hotels may be included in your package. HOTEL IF SILVERLEAF SERVICE SELECTED HOTEL IF GOLDLEAF SERVICE SELECTED HOTEL IF GOLDLEAF SERVICE SELECTED WITH ROOM UPGRADE GEORGIAN COURT HOTEL DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER FAIRMONT HOTEL VANCOUVER FAIRMONT ROOM PAN PACIFIC VANCOUVER DELUXE HARBOUR ROOM SUNSHINE MOUNTAIN LODGE SUNSHINE MOUNTAIN LODGE SUNSHINE MOUNTAIN LODGE FAIRMONT CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE FA %I5=9PI==4%I5=9P !QT1-1=U%M)%I5=9P1-Y%\I==41Q 1Id=]9Q=]8!eQPI9 d 1Id%I5=9P !QT1-1=U%M)1Ua1-Y%\I==4)%I5=9PA11%MH))U9%=HMU%Q) I-MP)0)1U9 )d؁1-1=U%MQ< 1Id)䁄ɹ͡ɔɽɽչ1)1ե͔ȁȁѡɔٕɽ̰Ѽ)ѡ1́Q!͔NJLȁ́݅䤸%)ѡѕɹɥٔѡɽ՝ѥհ-ͭ) չ䁅ѡɅɕ́ф)ɔɥ٥ 丁䁅ͥѼѡ) Qݕȸ=ٕɹЁ )d܁ 1IdAIQUI)eȁمѥ́ѕȁԁɽ)ɕхȁݹѽݸ 䁽ȁЁ )%ѕɹѥи)QL)ɱMɥ1єյ=ȁ=ȁ ЁAɥ)I=4Y9 =UYHщչI=4 1Id]щչ))U8)U8))U0ĀЀ܀ĀЀԀ(ȀԀ)U0̀؀܀̀Ѐ܀(Ѐ܀)UĀЀԀĀȀԀ(ȀԀ؀ÙЀ܀ĀЀ܀(ЀԀ)M@āM@(ȀԀȀԀ(((ĀЀԀ)!=Q09I==4 Q=I%LI M=8Y%1 %1%Qd9]%10  =9%I5PQ%5= ==-%9(