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BESTSELLER VANCOUVER | KAMLOOPS | LAKE LOUISE | BANFF | CALGARY FIRST PASSAGE TO THE WEST CALGARY DEPARTURE ALSO AVAILABLE. HIGHLIGHTS XXX Go West! To many, Banff and Lake Louise represent the holy grail of Canadian tourism. Embark on a journey of luxury and romance to Canada’s most-talked-about destinations. JOURNEY ALBERTA HOTEL NIGHTS BRITISH COLUMBIA TRAIN DAYS 1 1 KAMLOOPS VANCOUVER 2 For pricing and all package options for this route, visit the Travel Planning Guide on page 96. LAKE LOUISE BANFF 1 1 MEALS INCLUDED TRIP HIGHLIGHTS • VANCOUVER LOOKOUT • YOUR CHOICE OF ACTIVITY IN VANCOUVER • YOHO NATIONAL PARK TOUR LAKE LOUISE TO BANFF • BANFF TO CALGARY TOUR INCLUDING BANFF GONDOLA • P  ANORAMIC HELICOPTER TOUR • C ALGARY TOWER • NATIONAL PARKS PASS TOUR CODE HBFE (EB) HBFW (WB) CALGARY PANORAMIC HELICOPTER TOUR WASHINGTON First Passage to the West Motorcoach Number of Hotel Nights Canada United States 7 DAYS 6 NIGHTS 2 DAYS 2 BREAKFASTS 2 LUNCHES ITINERARY & SIGHTSEEING B DAY 1 VANCOUVER Arrive and spend time exploring scenic Vancouver on your own. Included is admission to the Vancouver Lookout. Overnight in Vancouver. DAY 2 VANCOUVER ACTIVITY Today, tour Vancouver and enjoy your choice of one of four activities: 1) a six-hour sightseeing tour of Vancouver’s spectacular North Shore, 2) a five-hour guided cycling tour of Vancouver’s highlights, 3) a made-in-BC small-group culinary walking tour to Granville Island, or 4) a Sea Safari along the Howe Sound coast. Overnight in Vancouver. DAY 3 VANCOUVER TO KAMLOOPS B L Onboard Rocky Mountaineer. Overnight in Kamloo ˈYHYH ܈[Z[][\\KPSSUSӔ‘VH SSRHRTHۘ\H[[Z[Y\ݙ\Y[ZHZ\KVH HRHRTHS[HH[ܛ[]Z\\KY\[ B[ܘX\Z\[H[[][ۘ[\ˈ]X[ۜ[YHH\[[[[Y\[ZK[[ܙKH\[[[\H[H[^Hݙ\Y SQPQTPHSPQSQPQTPBSPQUHTԐQBSUTSPHSTTӕRHRTHRTSӕUPUHRHRTBRTSӕHRTSӕSSUTRTSӕBRTSӕUPUHRHRTBRTSӕRUQUBSTTԕSRUSHBRTSӕSTTRTSӕHSPQPSUTSVHTTBRTSӕUPUHRHRTBSVHRUQUBSTTԕԐSQUBRTSӕSTTSSԈRUBSTBST“S[ܘ[ZX[X\\ݙ\H[X\XB[\HوHY\YܙH[\[ٙ\[\K[HYZ\[ۈH[\H\ݙ\Y[[\KVH STB[\\\YHH\YY\^B[]X]H[\[\H[ Y[H[ܛ[]H[ܘXYYZ[\و[[[ۙH[و[\\\H‘[ZHZ[][K\\Hܛ\[BˈH\ۈH[ۙH\[Y BY ۝[YHۈ[[\\܈H L[Z[]BSQSTPQTPHSPQSVH SSTHUSԐSRP’SPTT\[[ۈH\XH][[HKۙHوH[[X^HH[YY[[\XYKS USQBPRѐTSSHUQԒQTTHTQӈURSPSUHSSHӑTQQUSQHшS˂UT‘X\H[]H]][[ٙ\\\X[‘HSUT X\[ BHHSTH \[ BT L M   T M N H H PVH H  H LH L MH N NB H HPVH H H L L M NH  S H H L MH NH BS H L M  S H   LH M MH N B H  BUQ BB’S L L M M  B  BUQ ŒBTBBB L LH M M N B B LH M MH N BBTBBBL LH L MH N NBBH L MH M NBB