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46 guided, hour-long tour of 96 wax figures. O LD M AC D ONALD ’ S F ARM Hwy. 16, 9 miles south of Rapid City, on your way to Mount Rushmore. 605-737-4815 • www.oldmacdonaldsfarmrc.com Over 100 popular farm animals in a clean, relaxed hands-on environment. This farm on the road to Mount Rushmore is a great place to play with, feed and even bottle feed some of the many animals. R EPTILE G ARDENS 8955 S. Hwy. 16, Rapid City • 605-342-5873 • www.reptilegardens.com The world’s most renowned collection of exotic reptiles, which includes rare lizards, tur- tles, snakes, crocodiles, frogs and salamanders. Also includes rare birds, beautiful miner- als, prehistoric fossils and botanical specimens. Three shows: snakes, birds of prey, alligators and crocodiles. Open April 1-Nov. 30th. On the road to Mount Rushmore. R USH M OUNTAIN A DVENTURE P ARK 13622 Hwy 40, Keystone, SD • 605-255-4384 • www.RushMtn.com Explore stalactite-filled caverns on a guided tour of Rushmore Cave. Experience the Rush- more Mountain Coaster. Fly over treetops on the Soaring Eagle Zipline Ride, and chal- lenge your friends to a shoot-out at the Gunslinger 7-D Interactive Ride. R USHMORE B ORGLUM S TORY 342 Winter St., Keystone, SD • 800-888-4369 • 605-666-4448 www.rushmoreborglum.com • borglum@gwtc.net Mount Rushmore is brought to life in this museum & gallery. Scores of Borglum’s paint- ings, sculptures & artifacts. Exclusive film of blasting. R USHMORE H ELICOPTERS , I NC . 313 Speck Center Rd., Keystone, SD • 605-73-2163 • www.coptertours.com Six tours, three types of helicopters, 7 days a week, 9 a.m.-dusk, weather permitting. Reservations available, but not required. May-Oct. daily. Tours include Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Black Elk Peak, Cathedral Spires, Needles Hwy, Custer State Park and more. R USHMORE T RAMWAY A DVENTURES 203 Cemetery Rd., Keystone, SD • 605-666-4478 www.RushmoreTramwayAdventures.com Pinnacle Zipline Tour & 2000 ft. alpine slide, 4-acre aerial adventure park, free-fall jump tower, scenic chairlift to Mountaintop Grille, gardens & vie w of Mt. Rushmore. CHURCHES O UR L ADY OF M OUNT C ARMEL C ATHOLIC C HURCH 1014 Madill Street, Keystone, SD • 605-574-2479 • www.rapidcitydiocese.org Sunday Mass: 8 a.m. ~ Daily Mass: Tuesday 6 p.m. & Wednesday 7:30 a.m. Moving people to the heart of Christ — all are welcome! F OOD & S PIRITS B A RL EE ’ S F OOD AND D RINK www.barleesfoodanddrink.com • 605-666-5509 Smoked ribs, prime rib, chicken. House-made sides. In-house aged & cut steaks. Burg- ers, salads, seafood. Family-friendly restaurant upstairs open late. Lounge downstairs open till 2 a.m., entertainment on weekends. Delivery & carry-out available. B IG T HUNDER B AR & G RILL 308 1st St., Keystone, SD • 605-666-4847 “Eat on the Wild Side” – Restaurant and fast food on deck. Enjoy wild game, sandwiches, burgers, Indian tacos, pasties and a variety of specialty meals. Wine and beer available. B OSS ’ P IZZA & C HICKEN 212 Winter Street, Keystone, SD • 605-666-4122 • www.bosspizzaandchicken.com Over 35 specialty pizzas, delicious broasted chicken, pasta, calzones and a wide variety of appetizers. Salad bar & buffet. Delivery available. B R G R 61 221 Swanzey Street, Keystone, SD • 605-666-5500 Create your own perfect burger with over 61 toppings. Beef, buffalo, elk, homemade salmon and veggie patties, wraps and brats. Outdoor seating available. C ARVERS C AFE — M OUNT R USHMORE C ONCESSIONS 13000 Hwy 244, Bldg. 81, Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, SD 605-574-2515 • www.mountrushmorenationalmemorial.com mlamontagne@xanterra.com Concessionaire at Mount Rushmore operating the Carvers Café & gift shop featuring American-made items. Open year-round. Family dining, ice cream, snack bar & gifts. C IRCLE B C HUCKWAGON 12138 Ray Smith Dr., Hill City, SD • 605-574-2129 • 800-403-7358 www.circle-b-ranch.com A family-friendly western experience including a ranch location, horse rides, activities, friendly and helpful staff, tasty cowboy dinner and authentic cowboy music show. D AIRY Q UEEN K EYSTONE 804 Hwy. 16A #5, Keystone, SD • 605-666-4441 Soft-serve ice cream & signature shakes. Classic burger & fries fast food chain. G RAPES AND G RINDS 619 Hwy. 16A, Keystone, SD. • 605-666-5142 • www.grapesgrinds.com Wine/espresso shop that sits next to the National Presidential Wax Museum. Locally- made wine, specialty coffee. Daily wine tasting, numerous drinks, merchandise and free Wi-Fi. G RIZZLY C REEK R ESTAURANT 624 Hwy. 16A, Keystone, SD • 605-666-4633 • www.grizzlycreekrestaurant.com