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EARN HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN FREE Norwex Products ® WHILE CREATING A SAFE HAVEN! H OST A Norwex Party Hosting a Norwex Party is a great way to make an impact and is fast, fun and easy! • Earn free products • Learn more about cleaning without harmful chemicals • Have fun with your friends With our environmentally friendly products and the help of your friends and family, together we can create Safe Havens as we make a powerful and positive difference in the world. Ask your Norwex Consultant for details! I was BLOWN AWAY by the Norwex 4-Star Host Program when I hosted my own party in 2013 before I became a Consultant. I 52 couldn’t believe how much FREE stuff I got Getting to spoil my Hosts with hundreds of for just having a fun night with my friends and dollars of FREE product is one of the best parts giving them the chance to hear about these of my job! The Norwex 4-Star Host Program amazing products. Now as a Consultant, I allows the Host to earn product four different LOVE giving my Hosts a fun night with their ways. My Hosts are always shocked by the friends and the opportunity to get tons of amount of FREE product they’re rewarded with, FREE PRODUCTS as well. I haven’t seen any just for having a few friends over and learning other Host program that even comes close. how to create a Safe Haven for their families! Beverly Kain Heidi Langer Senior Executive Sales Leader, NC Senior Executive Sales Leader, IA Creating Safe Havens for 4 years Creating Safe Havens for 3 years