2018 North America Product Catalogue US 2018 Norwex Product Catalog - Page 48

BATHE THEM IN Love. DRY THEM IN Microfiber. Our pet products are designed to make cleaning and pampering your fur babies simple, quick and oh-so-easy. Pet Mitt Make bath time more convenient and enjoyable for you and your furry friends with our super-soft microfiber Pet Mitt. Used wet, it gently cleans your pet, lifting dirt up into the extra-absorbent microfibers. Great for wiping and drying muddy paws at the door. Stitching between fingers provides extra control. Use dry to remove loose hairs. Size: 2  2 cm x 30 cm / 8.7" x 11.8" Item #: 309302 graphite $19.99 Pet Towel Our ultra-absorbent Pet Towel makes bath time a breeze! Simply slip your hands into the towel’s convenient built-in hand pockets to gently yet securely hold and dry your pets quickly after washing them. Hangs to dry fast so it’s ready for repeat use, and contains our self-purifying BacLock® agent. Size: 60 cm x 100 cm / 23.6" x 39.4" Item #: 309301 graphite $34.99 My Story 48 “Through Norwex, I’ve found the perfect mix of freedom, mission and even additional income that I never dreamed possible! The marriage of a great product and great opportunity made my decision to join easy. As I've grown my Norwex career, I’ve seen how this company is committed to the Mission and its Consultants in so many ways. This opportunity has provided a way to exercise my brain and skills, aside from caring for and loving on my four children and husband. Norwex works really well for us because it provides schedule flexibility plus additional financial freedom. Most of all, I love the fact that I am accomplishing all of these things while also helping others solve a very practical problem that everyone faces. God knew what a ben Ё9ݕݽձȁȁ䁅)ͽ丁'eͼ$ѽمхѡ́չ䇊t)-ɥфM)YAɕͥЁḾ1Ȱ P ɕѥM!ٕ́ȀЁ啅