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My Story “My husband laughed when I told him I wanted to sell ‘cleaning rags’ for three months to earn a free mop. Little did we know the impact these cloths would have on our lives! Norwex is more than cleaning cloths or income—it’s a way of life. When you join Norwex, you get more than a business. You get a new family who accepts you for being you. Our team says ‘Never Rock Alone’ because no matter how different you are from everyone else, we're all welcome in the Norwex Family. I’ve never felt so at home with a company! I have a career that I love, a safer home for my family, income that I control—and I help others learn to do the same. It’s a dream life and I’m grateful I said ‘Yes’ six years ago.” Meighan Hopper Vice President Sales Leader, IL Creating Safe Havens for 6 years Entry Mat What’s the best kind of dirt? The kind that stays outside! 85% of contaminants are brought into the home in the first four steps! Our Entry Mat features super-thirsty microfiber and stiff polypropylene bristles to help trap dirt and other pollutants in the mat instead of tracking them into your home. Use the Norwex Rubber Brush or hand-held vacuum to keep it looking fresh between washings. To launder, toss in washing machine. Air dry. Size: 50.8 cm x 76.2 cm / 20" x 30" Item #: 356511 graphite Item #: 356510 brown $69.99 Ergo-Bend Extend your reach even further with the flexible and convenient Ergo-Bend mop attachment, and mop and dust around your home with the greatest of ease! Helps you reach the dust bunnies beneath couches, beds and other large furniture. Simply attach the Ergo-Bend to your Mop Base and Telescopic Mop Handle, and give your home the deep, powerful clean it deserves, without having to bend, stoop or squat! Mop Base, Telescopic Mop Handle and Mop Pads not included. Size: 22.86 cm / 9" Item #: 356401 $39.99 17