2018 North America Fall Catalogues Fall 2018 US Catalog - Page 48

UNLEASH THE POWER OF Microfiber Our pet products are designed to make cleaning and pampering your fur babies simple, quick and oh-so-easy. Pet Mitt Bath time is more convenient and enjoyable with our super-soft microfiber Pet Mitt. Used wet, it gently lifts dirt up into the extra- absorbent microfibers. Used dry, it removes loose hairs. Great for wiping and drying muddy paws at the door. Stitching between fingers provides extra control. Size: 2  2 cm x 30 cm / 8.7" x 11.8" Item #: 309302 graphite $19.99 Pet Towel The ultra-absorbent Pet Towel makes bath time a breeze! Simply slip your hands into the towel’s convenient built-in hand pockets to gently yet securely hold and dry your pets after washing them. Dries quickly and contains our self-purifying BacLock® agent. Size: 60 cm x 100 cm / 23.6" x 39.4" Item #: 309301 graphite $34.99 My Story 48 “When I started with Norwex, I absolutely loved those magic cleaning cloths and knew this was something everyone needed in their homes! Our products not only change the way you clean, they change the way you look at all harmful chemicals and the impact they could be having on your family. Beyond that, Norwex can also change how you see yourself! Because of Norwex, I have new confidence and purpose, and I'm showing my kids how to dream BIG . . . and then go for it! Quitting my full-time job to do Norwex was so scary, but we have so much more flexibility now, both with our time and our finances. I’m living my dream of being home with my kids. The awesome people and amazing friendships I have found with Customers, Hosts and especially my team are another part of my business I truly treasure.” Trista Dunsmoor, Senior Vice President Sales Leader, SD Creating Safe Havens for 6 years