2018 North America Fall Catalogues Fall 2018 US Catalog - Page 40

PUT YOUR Fresh Face Forward Our Naturally Timeless skin care offers nourishing, botanical ingredients for a natural-looking glow! Naturally Timeless Day Cream VE GAN AND FRE E OF THE FOL LOWIN G: • artificial dyes and fragrances • animal-derived ingredients • SLS and SLES • parabens • phthalates • gluten Help diminish the appearance of aging with this daily moisturizer formulated to provide intense hydration and improve elasticity. Apple Stem Cells, precious plant oils and Shea Butter defend against wrinkles, seal in moisture and boost your skin’s radiance. Contains nut-derived ingredients. Size: 50 ml / 1.69 fl. oz. Item #: 403081 $59.99 Naturally Timeless Radiant Eye Cream A unique ingredient extracted from the Persian Silk Tree (Albizia) helps reduce the visible appearance of dark circles, fine lines and under- eye puffiness. Apple Stem Cells, Multi-Peptides and plant-based moisturizers combine to help hydrate the delicate tissu չȁѡ̰)ɔѡհɅЁAɽՍ)͡ɕեЁѡЁɽ̸͕́)Mԁԁ踁%ѕ()9ɅQ́ѤɅ٥)9Ё ɕ)Q́䁡Ʌѥ͕ѥ)̰M ѕȰЁѥ́)Mѕ ́ɕՍ́ѡɅ)ɥ́ݡԁͱQͽѡ)MɅЁɕٕѕٕ́ͭɹи) х́еɥٕɕ̸)Mĸ䁙踁%ѕ()9ɅQ́ɵ)Mմ)1ɔɅаɕ٥х镐ݥ)Q́ɥ͡еݕɕ͕մɥ)ݥѠMѕ ̰5ձѤAѥ́M)٥ͥ䁙ɵ́͵ѡ́ͭȁ)ɔѡհɅAɽՍ͡ɕ)եЁѡЁɽ̸͕́)Mĸ䁙踁%ѕ()9ɅQ́M)MY]%Q Q!MP((ĤɵMմ$(ĤѤɅ٥9Ё ɕ(Ĥ ɕ $(ĤIЁ唁 ɕ)%ѕ)Iхɥ耐؀