2018 North America Fall Catalogues Fall 2018 US Catalog - Page 30

Clean, Fluffy, Fresh NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls Harmful chemicals like synthetic fragrances may be embedded in dryer sheets. They can leave residue in your clothes that then touches your skin. Our Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls are made of 100% New Zealand wool to soften fabric, help reduce static and wrinkles as well as cut drying time—all without the use of harmful chemicals. They’re also great for use with our Essential Oils to naturally scent your laundry. 2-year warranty. Essential Oils available on page 34. Item #: 357021 $29.99 set of 3 Fluff and Dryer Dryer Tumble Balls Sheets Softens fabric Yes Yes Yes Helps reduce drying time Yes Yes No Chemical-free Yes Yes No Helps reduce static and wrinkles Yes Yes Yes 100% wool Yes No No Natural Yes No No Environmentally friendly (reuse again & again) Best Good No Economical Yes Yes No Dryer Balls The unique design lifts and separates laundry while softening fabrics. Helps reduce drying time, static cling and wrinkles. 1-year warranty Item #: 1150 green $21.99 set of 2 Did You Know? 30 Dryer sheets can contain hidden fragrance chemicals that many people are sensitive to. They vent off into the air we breathe and rub off on our clothes and then onto our skin. https://www.ecowatch.com/why-you-need-to-ditch-dryer- sheets-1881714654.html