2018 North America Fall Catalogues Fall 2018 US Catalog - Page 10

NOTHING GETS PAST OUR MOPS Replace your heavy, messy mop and bucket—or your chemical-laden spray mop. Norwex makes it fast and easy to get your floors clean and free from chemical pollution, dirt and debris! • Replace expensive floor cleaners containing harsh chemicals and use only microfiber and water on your floors, where children and pets pla B(TYH܈ [Z[]K[H[[[(U[\X[[\Y\܈[\ZY[^[X\[HX[[[[\\ ]\XX\X\\[\ܝ^ۜ[[X\BQHܝ^[\[HBTHSTST“Hܜ›”\\[܈[\\\[N JH[\X[[K ܛH JH[\K[\ JH][YXYHB HXXYX]\X[H]X\ JHH\\[܈[YXYHH L HXXYX]\X[[\YۙB][HΌN HܙX]\[]Z[XN LˎM LLNB\\[܈[\\\[N JH[\X[[KYKܙY[ JH\H[\KYKܙY[ JH\H][Y JH\HH\\[܈[Y][HΈ LHYKܙY[]Z[XN LˎM LLNBPSSTSB\\[܈Z[B[\[NL JH[\X[[B JHX[[\B JHX[][Y JHX[H\\[܂[Y][HΈ LL]Z[XN L M M N