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Special LWE Sponsored Section RADIOLOGY / NEURORADIOLOGY/ IMAGING Lisa Marie Sheppard, MD, FABR , Pink Breast Centers Lisa Marie Sheppard MD is a Radiologist who focuses on Women’s Imaging, Breast Intervention, and Neuroradiology. To provide complete, effective, patient-centered breast care at a fair price, she opened PINK Breast Centers in Paterson (2008) and Flemington (2012). PINK is a certified Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, where 40 staff and physicians serve well over 10,000 women a year. PINK performs 2D and 3D mammograms with less radiation and less compression, for a faster and more comfortable experience. PINK provides general ultrasound imaging and specialized 3D breast ultrasound; breast ultrasound is particularly important for women with dense breasts. PINK also conducts biopsies as warranted. Dr. Sheppard has educated physicians at Michigan State University, Cooper University Medical Center, and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, serves on several boards, and lectures for continuing education courses. At PINK Breast Centers, the focus is on you. CONTACT INFO: Lisa Marie Sheppard MD , FABR I Pink Breast Center 908.284.2300 I Drs@pinkbreastcenter.com I PinkBreastCenter.com TECHNICAL CONSULTING Linda Lovero-Waterhouse , WSI Web Systems Linda Lovero-Waterhouse simplifies and demystifies digital marketing for small businesses so they can gain clarity, take action and increase their revenue. She is currently focusing on sharing techniques for using LinkedIn to generate an endless stream of clients. Her other online marketing strategies include website development, search engine optimization, social media, etc. Linda enjoys becoming a marketing partner with her clients because there is so much confusion about how to best implement online marketing. Linda translates “Geek Speak” to “Street Speak” so that her clients are not overwhelmed by jargon and have a clear plan on how to use digital marketing each day to grow their businesses. CONTACT INFO: Linda Lovero-Waterhouse I WSI Web Systems 908.679.9976 I lwaterhouse@wsiwebsystems.com I wsiwebsystems.com FINANCIAL Dee Aye HXYX [\ܜ[‘YHXYX\XH\Y[[\XX[Y\܈[\ܜ[&\ZY\^\X H[Y[\ܜ[ L[\]ZXH[Y\\[K\BHX[Y\[\Xو[[\][ۜ[ZY\^[KH\ܚY][[[\[Y[X[ۈ[XY]H[\X]]B[\Y\\XH[[H\Y[Xۚ^YHH[&\8'H\وB\8'H^[Y\܈\][[\ܛX[K][[ܙH[ YX\و^\Y[B[H[[[\Kx&\[][ۜ]ݙ\ZYۈ[[]Y\^H[[[[Z][˂ӕPS΂MYH^Y\HXYXH[\ܜ[ŽL KN HHXYX[\ܜؘ[˘HH[\ܜؘ[˘BHБT NSӕK