NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2018 | EDITION 6 sales@prestigepetproducts.com.au www.prestigepetproducts.com.au ZEEZ® CAR SEAT COVERS DELUXE RANGE - High Quality, Colourfast Cotton - Polyester Foam Padding - Middle Zipper = easy removal & cleaning - Absorbs accidental spillage The ZEEZ® Deluxe Seat Covers are the ultimate cover to use when travelling with your pet. The ZEEZ® Deluxe covers are made from high quality colourfast Cotton with inner Polyester Foam padding which is not only comfortable for your pet to sit on but it will protect your car seats from fur, scratches, dirt and any accidental spills. If an accidental spill occurs the liquid will be absorbed into the top layer of cotton and into the foam padding, minimising any leakage through to your seat. By absorbing into the material you don’t need to worry about the liquid beading off the cover and onto the floor of your car. A zip down the middle makes for easier cover removal and washing, plus leaves room for a passenger to also sit in the back. Designed to fit all vehicles with headrests, all Deluxe covers feature covered seatbelt slits to buckle your pet in and securing handles to prevent the cover sliding around. When you finish using the cover, simply fold up and tuck away in the convenient travel bag! The Bench Seat Cover features side securing straps. The Hammock features handy pockets for storage. DELUXE BENCH SEAT COVER Seatbelt Slits Securing Handles Middle Zipper Adjustable Headrest Straps Travel Bag ZEEZ® SEAT COVER BENCH DELUXE (118 x 142cm) 30-ZSC04144 9 3 2 8 0 7 3 0 4 1 4 4 9 DELUXE HAMMOCK SEAT COVER Seatbelt Slits Securing Handles Adjustable Headrest Straps Storage Pockets Middle Zipper Travel Bag ZEEZ® SEAT COVER HAMMOCK DELUXE (140 x 142cm) 30-ZSC04145 9 3 2 8 0 7 3 0 4 1 4 5 6 1