2018 NATDA Buyer's Guide BG_Final032818b - Page 30

Where superior quality, sales, and service come with every territory! Founded in 1989, Master Tow has earned a sterling reputation for superior quality, innovative product design, outstanding warranties and incomparable after-sale service and support. At Master Tow, becoming a dealer and placing an order is a simple process. Simply call us at 800-522-2190 and we’ll quickly deliver to your door. We believe in working together with our dealers to ensure that customers with a MAXXD trailer will get the best that money can buy in both product and service. Our product line consists of a wide variety of trailers to suit your customers’ needs. MAXXD Trailers Mfg., Inc. has been in business since 1999, and we are looking forward to many more years working with our great customers. We are in business to build a better future together. Founded in 1955, Merhow continues to be a leader by offering the safest, most user friendly and greatest value in the horse trailer industry. We invite you to be part of the tradition and join thousands of satisfied Merhow owners who say, “once you pull a Merhow, you won’t pull anything else!” Merritt’s gooseneck stock trailer is a smaller version of our large livestock semi-trailer. Our riveted aluminum trailer is durable enough for commercial haulers and flexible enough to withstand being pulled through a rancher’s pasture. The riveted punch-side design has proven to be the most durable design both on and off road. Simply put, there is a reason why commercial semi-trailers are riveted and not welded, flexibility equals durability.