2018 NATDA Buyer's Guide BG_Final032818b - Page 16

Diamond C is an innovative, progressive organization that works with our partners like family. We work diligently to provide our partners with innovative products, competitive price points, loyalty and respect. For over 33 years, Diamond C trailers have been trusted by retail customers and dealers to advance their life and business. “The only thing that outshines the quality of the product at Diamond C is the quality of the people.” - Nathan Reeves, Beaumont RV Diamond Components’ trailers are built to help you win. Whether it’s an Office trailer, Fire Safety trailer, Command Center or Studio trailer, each is built with quality craftsmanship and rugged engineering. From the chassis and the fiberglass exterior to the hardwood and fiberglass cabinets, each has proven to withstand the test of the day to day use and the miles covered over rough and underdeveloped roads. Many of our dealers have discovered a demand in a niche market and needed a product built to certain specifications, and we have been able to provide a product for them that helped them take advantage of the opportunity and win.