2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine WINTER 2018 Volume 34, Number 8 - Page 4

Miniature Horse World Cover Request editor’s notes by Melissa Powell A s the AMHA office goes back to a somewhat normal schedule, I find myself weeding thru the remnants of the World show, trying to put in order the nine days of spectacular Mini horse exhibition that just took place. Inevitably, I hear through the grape-vine of a horse that has achieved stardom through insurmountable circumstances or the exhibitor who overcame a mishap or illness and against all odds attended Worlds and achieved greatness. My wish would be to share every detail of these wonderful stories, but editorial page count restrictions allow just a smattering to be included here. Two young ladies offered to share their accounts of this year’s World, the Super Amateur, Madison Holly from Nampa, Idaho and the Ultimate Gelding Award winner, Bridget Yates from Cypress, Texas. Both of these gals 2 Miniature Horse World WINTER 2018 “grew up” in the AMHA, and like proud parents, we are thrilled with the goals they’ve accomplished along the way. I hope you’ll find a story that touches your heart during this special Christmas season. As the New Year unfolds, there is much in store for Miniature owners to be excited about and we want to hear what you have planned for 2019! Send us your stories and photos to editor@amha. org and don’t forget to renew your MHW subscription so you won’t miss a single issue! Merry Christmas to each of you, Any AMHA member is eligible to advertise on a Miniature Horse World cover position. Cover positions for 2019 will be first come, first served for both the online and the print issues. Please contact Editor@amha.org if you would like the opportunity for a cover position.