2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine WINTER 2018 Volume 34, Number 8 - Page 31

try something different, and maybe hit the trails with their own Miniatures. Jen says, “Kricket really enjoys being on the trails. We do show a little bit — her first halter show was memorable when she reared and screamed at the judge — but ultimately she really likes to be out on the trail.” You can follow the saga of Kricket on Facebook at: The Mini Adventures of Kricket About Minis with a Mission from the founder, Jen Joines: I adopted my Miniature horse Kricket in October 2016 from Falcon Ridge Equine Rescue in Valley Center, CA. When I first got her, she could barely walk 500 feet. Now almost two years later, she has become quite popular online and has become an advocate for rescue animals, and educating people on the many activities there are for Miniature horses. Kricket has her own Facebook page, and I routinely post photos and videos of our adventures. Numerous people message her page, telling me that we are inspiring them to get out and hike and run with their Minis. I participate in a miles tracking program with my large horse, but I wanted to start something similar for Miniatures. The program is simple. Email miniswithamission@gmail.com to obtain an excel spreadsheet log to track your miles every month. Use an app on your smart phone, your fitness tracker, to track your hikes, runs, walks, drives, or ponying treks. Enter the information into the spreadsheet log. Then, at the end of the month, submit your spreadsheet to miniswithamission@ gmail.com. We will have a database that keeps track of your lifetime miles, and our eventual goal is to give away lifetime prizes, as well as monthly prizes. For now, please Like and share our Facebook page: Minis With A Mission. Come Drive with Us! AMERICAN DRIVING SOCIET Y ADS MEMbERS RECEIVE The Whip magazine The Wheelhorse e-newsletter Grant opportunities Members only website section Online driver education and much more ... Part nering with AMHA since 2010 www.americandrivingsociety.org W I N T E R 2018 Miniature Horse World 29