2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine SPRING, Volume 34, Number 2 - Page 8

president’s message by Joe Kahre I think it can easily be said without any argument that we are living in a different world than most of us ever could have even imagined possible even a few short years ago. Technology, while it can be our friend, is more often than not our foe as well. People cannot even sit at a dinner table without their phone in one hand. This so-called “phone” is the furthest thing from actually being what most of us identify as a phone from our foregone years. Social graces have been lost, communication skills are not what they once were, and perhaps most of all a level of understanding and patience has been tossed asunder. We find ourselves wanting answers and results almost before they are even mentioned. This whole positive/nega- tive revolution in our world leaves us shaking our heads in wonderment, confusion and a lack of understanding. How has this happened? When did it happen? Of course, these “advancements” have changed much in the core of our people. We have a new fragility level in the world that leaves me often thinking “suck it up buttercup”. We see the “me, me, me” mentality all around us. Whatever is most pertinent to an individual trumps all other needs and wishes of others. It has fostered a strong me, myself, and I mentality. From my perspective, this is all NOT healthy to a fruit- ful and productive life. Actually, it is kind of frightening. 6 Miniature Horse World SPRING 2018 Here I am writing this message to you, our AMHA members hoping to balance some of these world issues with our little subculture of Mini horses. ALL of the above mentioned has a daily impact on those of us working for you, myself, other leaders, and mostly our office staff. Saying it is anything less than difficult to make everything work and keep everyone happy is a huge understatement. We have gone for many years without really any forward motion, and now as we are trying to incorporate some modernization, it is embraced by some and rejected by others. There are grow- ing pains happening in this department for sure. Again, when we are trying to take care of years of no progression, make things work efficiently with much attention being paid to the financial ramifications of it all. Take a look at the magazine. I hear weekly from people that we cannot lose the magazine, that no one wants to read an online version. So, trying to balance it all out to accommodate a financial responsibility on our behalf we are confronted with people not wanting to invest the money in advertising. I understand this with the new technology in the world for people to get their message out, but how are we to fund this print edition? It is like other things; a vicious circle. Everyone cannot sit back and say one thing and do nothing to prevent it from happening. It is on everyone, not just a select few. I was just forwarded a post on facebook that referred to someone having difficulty reaching someone in the office. While they were typing this negative message, I wonder why they didn’t just pick up the phone and call back into the office. That is exactly what I do. We have a great group of dedicated staff working for ALL the members, spreading themselves thin to get it all done. While one individual is calling, there is likely 20 others doing the same thing. Some patience and understanding and consideration of others would go a long way. Slapping something up on social media with a negative tone does NOT help the total sum of us. I guess I am coming to you asking that you all show some kindness, understanding, and an open mind to all the possibilities for positive outcomes. We are all passionate about these little horses which adds a mix of emotions. This is great! Please keep those passions aimed in a positive direction and do not succumb to nonsensical rumblings and mumblings. Stand up for OUR association, be patient, be kind, and be understanding and respectful of what many workers are trying so hard to accomplish for each and every one of you. Do your part, support, promote, and be POSITIVE! It really isn’t that difficult and does help the big picture more than you can possibly imagine. It’s the time of year for new foals, shows, new friends, and new adventures. Embark on all of them and ENJOY! We have much to be thank- ful for! God’s Blessings,