2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine SPRING, Volume 34, Number 2 - Page 47

100 Hours - OpenGate MissTake It All and Shelley Oney Our first 100 hours, WOW! OpenGate MissTake It All and I accomplished most of those hours by visiting the University of MN along with other assisted living facilities and such.  We are registered as a team with Pet Partners Animal Therapy. We just finished our 4th year as an animal therapy team. Before a visitation, there are a lot of hours spent in making sure OG (for short) is presentable. To prepare for a visit there is bathing, grooming, possibly clipping if shedding heavily. We enjoy visiting with various individuals, bringing smiles, joy and giving folks an opportunity outside of their normal routine. Future goals? Outside of continuing with Pet Partners and our visits, I am not sure. Last summer, I managed to acquire a cart and harness small enough for OG. So, I look forward to driving her a bit. No competitions, just around the area. Also continuing to introduce to her any type of obstacle she may encounter when visiting. S P R I N G 2018 Miniature Horse World 45