2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine SPRING, Volume 34, Number 2 - Page 46

100 Hours - Grazing Meadows Hallelujah and Shelley Oney Grazing Meadows Hallelujah has earned her first 100 hours award mainly by driving. She does a lot of team driving competitions with her full sister, Grazing Meadows Sugar Delight. We participate at the MN Horse Expo with the MN Miniature Horse Club. We participate at numerous fairs that have the multi- hitch class. I drive her at home as a part of the team and as a single, and I take her various places to drive with others. Before hitching up, I do a lot of grooming to make sure there is nothing in Halley’s fur that might cause irritation under the harness. I also like banding her mane and forelock. Just because it looks so pretty. Once hitched, Halley is a booker, she loves to go fast and loves driving, whether team or single. In the next 500 hours? We’ll probably do a lot of the same things. Single and team driving at home and at the Expo and local fairs. The grooming and daily care necessary will continue. I enjoy just being with her. Halley will be 17 years old this year. In the picture, Halley is the one with her nose in the air! 100 Hours - Triple K Boogies Sweet Dreams and Saemira Gray Triple K Boogies Sweet Dreams or just simply Fee (which means “fairy” in German), is a sweet, 7 year old, bay pinto mare. She is very patient, cute, and pretty much bomb proof. During the 100 hours of time spent with Fee, I have started to teach her to pull a cart, played with her, jumped her, and did lots of grooming and clipping (with help from my mom). I’ve taught her to be lead without a halter and some tricks, like rearing, bowing, laying down and licking my hand. My dream during the next 500 hours is to train Fee to be an expert at liberty work and I want to keep teaching her more tricks. I also want Fee to become a reliable in the cart so we can take drives together. 44 Miniature Horse World SPRING 2018