2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine SPRING, Volume 34, Number 2 - Page 19

RHMF GEMINIS TWINKLIN STAR RFM Scouts Gemini x RIddells Melody Song Owned by Julie Hemenway AMHA Register of Merit- Multi-Color Mares RHMF Geminis Twinklin Star is a 2012 pinto mare. She received her Register of Merit in Multi-Color Mares but Star was also 3rd place in the Top Ten Honor Roll for Amateur Stock Mares. Our goal in the coming year is to achieve an ROM in Open Stock Mares and in Amateur Stock Mares. We are also working on getting our driving points. I’m very proud of Star as I bred, raised and trained her myself. CANDYLANDS PATTONED PAYDAY Youth Register of Merit - Megan Resch - Youth Halter Obstacle Since welcoming Candyland Pattoned Payday, aka, “Bratt” into our lives 4 years ago, this 12 year old gelding has become an important part of Saffire Miniatures. He and Meagan won the WCMHC Superior Performance Gelding award, High Point Performance horse, Reserve High Point Individual Go, High Point Youth, and High Point Youth 8-12. Bratt is a confident, patient teacher who accepts and excels at everything he is presented with. He has instilled a confidence in Megan and her little sister, Haley, that we will be forever grateful for. YOUTH CHAMPION MEGAN RESCH RHMF GEMINIS SPARKLIN KID RFM Scouts Gemini x Sheddens Sweet Surrender Cindy Irene Saum Amateur Register of Merit- Cindy Irene Saum - Amateur Senior Gelding Over 30” to 34” Lvl 1 Amateur Register of Merit- Cindy Irene Saum - AOTE Exhibiting Senior Gelding, Lvl 1 What a wonderful show year I had with my Miniature gelding RHMF Gemini’s Sparklin Kid. My sister gave him to me as a birthday gift. I started showing him as a yearling in Pinto shows and AMHA shows. He is 8years old this year. I received his AMATEUR REGISTER OF MERIT in Amateur Senior Geldings, 30 to 34, Level 1 and AOTE Senior Geldings, Level 1 and he also made the Honor Roll last year in AOTE Senior Geldings, Level 1. I received his first belt buckle and Top 10 in Amateur Senior Geldings, 30 to 34. Level 1. I am very proud of him and his accomplishments. Megan’s kind, warm, gentle personality has not stopped her from being a tough competitor since entering into the Miniature horse show ring at the age of ten. While showing the farm’s four Miniatures, Megan received championships with them all in a variety of classes in both youth and open competition. In 2017 she was awarded the YOTE Championship buckle at Western Regionals, six Honor Role awards from AMHA and an AMHA Youth Register of Merit in Halter Obstacle. Megan maintains a high honor roll in her school studies besides being a valuable member on her Provincial Championship winning ball and hockey teams. Sports and horses are in her vision for 2018. As for the future and studies down the road she is still undecided. Saffire Miniatures, Verna Cundliffe, Megan, Haley and Sandy Resch would like to say, “Thank you” to AMHA. It is an honor to receive the Youth Champion, Youth Register of Merit and the seven Honor Roll awards. Editors Note: There was no photo available for the two horses listed below, but their awards are worthy and special just the same. Your horse might also be eligible for one of these special awards. Points can be verified by requesting a show query from the AMHA office. For only $5 you can confirm eligibility. Questions? Email: val@amha.org BREWERS ORION VALENTINO Orion Light Vant Huttenest x Orchard Bird Vant Huttenest Owned by Acey Haroldson Superior Event Horse- Liberty ACES BLUE VIKING Little Kings Buckeroo Ace x Grosshill EKS Top Star Acey or Kay or Rebecca Haroldson AMHA Register of Merit- Country Pleasure Driving 32” & under S P R I N G 2018 Miniature Horse World 17