2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine SPRING, Volume 34, Number 2 - Page 18

SPECIAL TITLES AND AWARDS T he American Miniature Horse Association wishes to congratulate each of the following horses, their owners, trainers and handlers for a job well done! The list of horses and exhibitors here represents hours of commitment, hard work, perseverance and sacrifice that culminates with the presentation of these special awards. Register of Merit equals 20 points, AMHA Champion equals 50 points and Superior Event or Superior Halter equals 75 points. CONGRATULATIONS! ZARZUELAS RODRIGO DE VIVAR Scott Creek Mystical Ruler x Winners Circle Queen of Sheba Owned by Mary Wilson AMHA Superior Halter Horse- Senior Geldings 32-34 AMHA Register of Merit- Open Hunter Amateur Register of Merit- Mary Wilson- Amateur Hunter The best trait that Zarzuelas Rodrigo de Vivar has is that he is alert and interested in everything, which works very well in halter, but was a hindrance for performance classes. It took me three years to get him past the first jump in hunter classes at shows. So after embarrassing me at many shows, he finally made it over the first jump and has never refused since. In his first halter obstacle class, I thought I should rename him “Velcro” because he leaned against me the entire class. He overcame his fear and was Reserve World Champion twice in Halter Obstacle and has won numerous Honor Roll buckles. He now has confidence and completely trusts me. I don’t need a twitch to clip him. When it is time for his ears, he squeezes his eyes shut, holds his breath, and just wants to know when it is over! He is my best horse because he is versatile and can shine in any event, whether it is a halter class, hunter, or halter obstacle. I absolutely adore Roddy. 16 Miniature Horse World SPRING 2018 HCM X CALIBERS TRIUMPH HCM Navajos X Caliber x Soats Lil Dove Owned by Mary or Franklin Wilson AMHA Register of Merit- Multi Color Stallions or Geldings Amateur Register of Merit - Franklin Wilson- Amateur Obstacle Driving HCM XCalibers Triumph and Franklin have become quite a team. At shows they do quite well in performance classes: halter and driving obstacle, hunter, driving classes, and showmanship. Triumph is very well-behaved and is willing to try most anything. He even enjoys participating in the cones and marathon courses in carriage driving events. He proved his worth in one driving class, somehow the bit was not in his mouth. No one (except the judges) noticed it because Triumph continued in the class with a perfect headset and followed instructions—including backing. He is a pleasure to show or just hang out with since he is a very sweet horse.   The American Miniature Horse Association offers the following special titles and awards upon request by the owner. Forms are available at www.amha.org. The Official AMHA Rule Book offers more information on the requirements met by these horses and exhibitors. Each horse and/or exhibitor listed received a certificate recognizing their accomplishment. LOST SPOKES WD KARMA Lost Spokes Winter Dreamcatcher x CCMF Lily Blue Owned by V