2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine SPRING, Volume 34, Number 2 - Page 14

miniature tales Submitted by Karin Cserhati Marystown Victoria Secret with Melina Cserhati My daughter, Melina (born 2000) and Marystown Victoria Secret (born 2008) have been big friends since 2010. I t all started with trotting races, jumping, obstacle driving and Gymkhana. Soon, however, the two realized that their greatest joy lies in their cooperation on the ground. Great achievements in Gymkhana followed and one thing led to another. More and more Melina worked free with Victoria. The idea of ​​their own show started to take shape, especially the idea of dancing with each other. We received great support from Gabriele Voser, the owner of the stud Buechbuehls Miniature Horses. This is where we bought Victoria from in 2010 and out of this stable as well. Gabriele Voser made it possible for us and her beautiful mini horses to have great performance opportunities in Switzerland and in Germany. Melina also found help and support in one of the best natural horsemanship trainers in Switzerland, Niklaus Muntwyler. In addition we also have Elisabeth Kölliker, another fine horse trainer. She helps us to keep Victoria flexible and agile. And there is the mother (me) who is responsible for the fitness. I take Victoria with me to jog and from time to time she runs alongside my bike. And during this past year, Victoria found a new friend the polo horse, Arco Iris. With him she is allowed to be ponied and enjoys the fast paces very much. 12 Miniature Horse World SPRING 2018