2018 Miniature Horse World Magazine April E-magazine - Page 4

Editors Notes

Can't you almost see the happiness oozing from your equines as they graze on the first green grass of spring.? With that green comes the reduced pasture time, the balancing act of how much is too much and the fitting of grazing muzzles for another season. Feeding a Mini is as much a science as it is a balancing act. And every owner has their own feeding "recipe" that they firmly believe is the best. Soon we will be featuring some of these tried and true mixes so that everyone can benefit from the years of experience that a few of our breeders have in common. If you or someone you know has excelled in creating a successful Mini Menu, we want to share it. Just email me (editor@amha.org) to see your concoction included in this upcoming popular column.

I hope you take the time to flip through this issue and linger on some the articles. The Why Does My Horse Bite article from Star Point Horsemanship is a great read. Proving her prowess both in the show ring (World Champion) and as an international clinician, Lana Grieve offers some free training advice here for the little nippers that might be lurking in your herd!

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Melissa Powell

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World Grand Champion 2015

Honor Roll Champion 2016

2016 Top Ten Honor Roll Grand Champion

European Regional Grand Champion Junior Mares

ICAMH Award 2016 Halter Horse Of The Year

Winner of 3 AMHR Award titles 2016

With 41 First and 31 Grand & Supremes, She is the most successful Miniature in Europe 2016 Proudly owned by Aa Creek Ranch, Egbert Tiemann, Germany- aacreek-ranch.com

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