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Top 15 global employers of Hult graduates
1 . PwC 2 . KPMG 3 . EY 4 . Deloitte
5 . EF Education First 6 . Accenture 7 . Bank of America 8 . Amazon
9 . Boston Consulting Group
10 . L ' Oréal 11 . Salesforce
12 . Uber 13 . Morgan Stanley 14 . Porsche 15 . BASF
Leading employers of the Class of 2017 by campus
Hult Boston Hult San Francisco Hult London
Amazon Bank of America Bank of China BASF Boston Consulting Group Deloitte Grey Advertising Global JP Morgan Chase & Co . L . L . Bean L ' Oréal McKinsey Morgan Stanley PayPal Sephora Toyota
7 Eleven Accenture Apple Deloitte Havas Media IDEO KPMG Lexus Lululemon Macy ' s Nordstrom Porsche PwC Salesforce Visa
Accenture Amazon Applied Blockchain Banco de Credito del Peru Daimler Deloitte EF Education First Google GlaxoSmithKline KPMG Kraft Heinz PwC Salesforce Uber UNICEF
Hult Dubai
3M ABB Audi Volkswagen British American Tobacco Bulgary Capgemini EY Hilti Hilton KPMG Porsche Procter & Gamble SAP Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing Co ., Ltd .
“ KPMG collaborates with Hult due to the diversity of the students . They are strong academically and have collaborative skills that are key to being successful in the new world of work . Hult students transition into our culture and accelerate up the learning curve to become productive and valued team members .”
Gabriella Fragiacomo Head of Human Resources & Learning KPMG
GLOBAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT Experts in international student placement From Shanghai startups to a big-name brand in San Fransisco Hult MBA, Sophia made the triple jump and changed location, industry, and function. At Hult, you’ll have access to a team of global career advisors who are experts in helping international students find international jobs. “Before my MBA, I worked in Shanghai at startups and in venture capital. I wanted to become an entrepreneur and decided that an MBA in the world's tech capital would be the perfect way to do so. Hult’s one-year format was very appealing, and the program was much more pragmatic and experience-driven than other schools. Sophia Xing Liu Chinese Product Manager Lancôme; L’Oréal MBA Class of 2016 Past campus career events ‘Cracking employment at Google’ — San Francisco ‘One-Minute CEO TV pitch’ — Hult Dubai Hult alumni working at Google hosted an overview on how to become part of the tech giant, and how to thrive once employed there. Role-playing as company CEOs, students received media coaching before being given one minute to pitch their business idea live on camera. Students received feedback along with a CNN-style video clip. ‘Working in the U.S. 101’ — Hult Boston Campus recruiting guru and best-selling author Dan Beaudry shared his expertise on what every international student needs to know about working in the U.S. At Hult, I discovered new skills and interests I didn’t know even existed. The education and training was always applicable to real-world situations, and I learned more about working in teams than I could ever have hoped for. San Francisco’s job market is very competitive but Hult equipped me for my job search as soon as I arrived on campus. I had my own career advisor who helped me polish my CV and provided me with one-on- one career counselling. There were many opportunities with on-campus recruiting. In fact, L’Oréal came to Hult’s campus one day and by submitting my application through Hult’s system, I secured a face-to- face interview with the HR director of L’Oréal the next day. Thanks in part to the great tips I learned at Hult, I got hired!” ‘Networking the room like a rockstar’ — Hult London Heather White, leading networking and personal brand expert, hosted an interactive networking skills workshop followed by a networking session with corporate guests and alu 6&VW"FWfVVB$FFWfVVBF&VvGf6rFW6G2b7V66W76gV"6VVW'2W"VVR6&VW"$F&6&VfV7B'6W'fR66VW&FRG&fRV7W&W2FBF&VvWBFRV"RfR66W72FF266r7W'BBv&"7Fw2FVRFWfVFRƖfWFR60B6F7G2VVFVBF6VfRW"6&VW"&F2( f&F6VBvV&'0F&VvWBFR7VW"6P'&fR6W2&VGFBFPw&VB'VrF726VFSrF2f"vWGFrFW&F v&&WBG&VG0&VƗFW2bFRR2"&W@B'2'W6W726vG2FV6wBFFǗF70f7BG&6rW"6&VW"BV@&VfV7C'6W'fS66VW&FSG&fSVFW'7FBW"7G&VwF0B760( FfGVBw&WGf6r6W760FW6vVBFV7F'BW""6V&6( &W7VRBƖVDv&60( 6&VW"&B6( N( W'676W76VBB6Vb'&F~( &W6V&6FW&W7Fr6W0B6&VW'0( v&62WGv&rFW'fWvr"6V&67G&FVvW2@6W&6rFW&60( 6f&F6W760BvV&'0( 6&VW"&B6( N( &WBƖvV@B&RfN( FVfRW"F&vWBGW7G&W2&W2B6F0( 7&VFR6&VW"( GF&vWB6W2&W2B6F0( VW"&6VB66rB 7W'Bw&W0( "&&G2fVGW&rFfW'6RVV@'GVFW2g&VBVW'0( 6&VW"&B6( N( FW'fWvpB66~( VWBVW'2&VfRW"FW'fWpFV6VW2B6V7W&R ( RFRFW'fWr&W&F( v&626fW'FrFW&60F'0( 6&VW"6V7F2B6&VW f'V2FVWBVW'2@FVFg'GVFW0( ה6&VW"&W6W&6R'F( v&B&VvWGv&r&W6W&6W2B"&&G0 TB$t$4$TU%2$U%B#( VB6V7BFRƖR'Ff"W"#VWGv&( v&"&&B@WGv&rWfVG0( ƖfVrV&r'GVFW26VFrRVV7FfRV6V"B6W2bW"66P&Vv7G&FfVRƖW2'WBFW"67B( 7Bw&GVFGf6rf F&VRF2fGf6'2GV&F&7F@6g&666( FV6wBƖR&W6W&6W2f"6&VW"76W76VB"FVFf6FB"6V&6TBTEP0