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3 • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Celebrate 25 Years of Success and Help Build Our Future As part of ICPI’s 25th Anniversary celebration, we are pleased to recognize the industry’s technical advances and acknowledge instrumental people and companies through a commemorative publication and video. These are great reminders of how far we have come in such a short time. The video and digital version of the publication are available in the “About” section of www.icpi.org. When ICPI writes its 50th anniversary publication, 2018 undoubtedly will be recognized as the year our Workforce Development program launched. Worker shortages are endemic in the construction industry as evidenced in a recent ICPI Contractor Business Reports, where four of every five survey participants said that their biggest business challenge was recruiting and hiring qualified employees. For our industry to continue to expand, we must expand the skilled workforce installing our products using ICPI best practices. I’m pleased to report that a Boot Camp curriculum has been developed and the first Boot Camps occurred this winter and in early spring. In addition, Michigan State University is the first post-secondary school to incorporate ICPI education offerings for students, and instructors from more than 40 other U.S. and Canadian schools have attended ICPI instructor training. We’ve developed a Contractor/Installer Career Path as the focal point of marketing to students, and marketing materials are available for ICPI members. This Career Path aligns with our new Education Road Map course offerings recently launched on our new online learning center: The Hardscape Institute. To maintain our momentum, ICPI is also finalizing its 2019–2022 Strategic Plan. The four goals in this plan focus on the following: n #1 INDUSTRY GROWTH—Increase understanding, awareness and adoption of segmental concrete pavement as the preferred pavement system. n #2 INDUSTRY EXPERTISE—Deliver education and industry best practices as the recognized authority on segmental concrete pavement systems. n #3 ICPI STRENGTH—Grow ICPI membership through increased awareness of benefits, participation in programs and perceived membership value. n #4 WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT—Empower the industry to attract, train and retain a highly qualified workforce to meet market demand. Like most building trades, hardscape contracting is competing for talent in a shrinking pool of prospective employees. Our industry offers attractive opportunities to a significant group of young people. Like other building trades and crafts, we offer them the ability to work outside an office, build something with their hands, and use innovative tools. Furthermore, our industry offers rewards other industries do not, including: using their creativity to build unique projects, working on a project from start to finish, and the possibility of owning their own contracting business. A recent study of middle and high school students (Gen Zs) found that 41% plan to start their own business. The same study found that 64% said the most important thing they are seeking is a job with inspiring work. With all of the opportunities our industry offers, one of the main challenges is how to get the message across to the next generation. As we enter the next 25 years, we are building on the achievements from the first 25. With our ongoing success, segmental concrete pavement systems will continue to grow market share in commercial and residential markets. We will build our future together as ICPI members. Thank you for your support of ICPI. Under ICPI Immediate Past Chair, Matt Lynch, the ICPI Board created a Workforce Development Special Committee in 2017 to develop goals and a program structure. At the 2018 Annual Meeting, the Board approved funding for the program including the following: Lastly, I would like to recognize the efforts of two individuals who have played significant roles in our association’s growth. Charles McGrath, our Executive Director, celebrates his 20th Anniversary with ICPI and David Smith, our Technical Director, celebrates his 25th Anniversary. 1. Creating a beginner Boot Camp program for member implementation Sincerely, 2. Developing curriculum for inclusion in high schools/post- secondary schools Kendall Anderegg ICPI Chair, March 2019 3. Promoting paver installation as a career