2018 ICPI Annual Report ICPI 2018 Annual Report 0219_4 - Page 24

2018 Annual Report • 24 Full-scale load testing of paving slabs and planks (top) and sidewalk surface smoothness evaluation (bottom right) Sidewalk Surface Smoothness Evaluation This project measured the roughness of 103 ICP and PICP sites in Washington, DC, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas. The research demonstrates chamfer sizes and joint widths that meet the (non-mandatory) roughness criteria published by the US Access Board in https://www.access-board. gov/attachments/article/1680/surface-roughness. pdf. This research is being done in anticipation of mandatory guidance on wheelchair-pavement interaction being published by the U.S. Access Board in the next few years. The delivered final report better positions the industry by using the same ASTM test methods and acceptance criteria for roughness as published by the U.S. Access Board. The contract includes providing a webinar and PowerPoint presentation, as well as making a technical presentation at a national conference.