2018 ICPI Annual Report ICPI 2018 Annual Report 0219_4 - Page 17

17 • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Municipal, State, Provincial and Regional Meetings n n n n n n n n FHWA Sustainable Pavements Technical Work Group on a road map for developing permeable pavement FHWA industry listening session on national pavement policy revisions PICP construction for Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay River Smart program ICPI Commercial Sales Course, Baltimore, Maryland Washington State Department of Transportation on PICP design City of Tacoma, Washington, Environmental Services, PICP design Center for Watershed Protection, Washington, DC on PICP design, construction & maintenance Chinatown, Washington, DC streetscape project: Integrating permeable pavement into complete street designs for the American Society of Landscape Architects More People Visited ICPI’s Website in 2018 than Ever Members rate the Institute’s website www.icpi.org as the #1 ICPI communications tool. The site appeals to a variety of audiences, including members, design professionals, academics, homeowners, and government officials. The website delivers the latest, detailed technical information for construction professionals. It also provides Project Profiles, product information and member contractor search for end users, including homeowners. New additions to the website include an enhanced Designer section with a number of key technical and education resources, a Government page with key resources for municipal officials and designers, an enhanced Foundation section, and a new Member Resource Center. ICPI Developed Promotional Materials for Member Contractors ICPI developed promotional materials for contractor members to use with homeowners. These materials include a video and flyer describing the advantages of segmental concrete pavements, as well as a video and flyer conveying the importance of employing contractors with ICPI certified installers. To date, more than 300 contractors throughout the U.S. and Canada are using these materials.