2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 95

MEDIUMS Watercolor Mediums (cont.) Watercolor Mediums Item # Description MOQ MSRP Maimeri Blu Ox Gall Item # Description MSRP • Natural flower honey solution made to a traditional recipe • Enhances shine and improves the elasticity of the paint layer • Does not affect paint color 5816612 75ml Bottle, Natural 1 $14.95 5816613 75ml Bottle, Synthetic 1 $14.95 5816621 • Unpleasantly scented fluid that improves the color adherence to paper allowing a better control of the brush stroke • Improves watercolors performance • Prevents the formation of pigment clots 5816608 75ml Bottle 1 $14.40 5826608 250ml Bottle 1 $30.20 5816620 $14.95 75ml Bottle 1 $11.95 Maimeri Blu Kordofan Gum Arabic • Natural gum arabic solution. • Enhances shine and increases the strength of the paint • Does not affect paint color 5816623 1 1 • Transparent solution that increases watercolor transparency and brightness • Improves the colors surface adherence • Softens the brush stroke Daler-Rowney Ox Gall • Improves the wetting and increases the flow of watercolor 75ml Bottle Maimeri Watercolor Medium Maimeri Ox Gall 75ml Bottle MOQ Maimeri Blu Honey Based Medium • Improves the flow of the paint • Gives shine and brightness • Does not affect paint color 114007005 WATER COLOR 75ml Bottle 1 $14.95 Daler-Rowney Gum Arabic • Increases the gloss and transparency of watercolors. $13.79 Maimeri Blu Artists’ Masking Latex • Used for resist techniques by creating a water resistant film • Has a blue tint that artists can easily spot • Easy to remove 5816619 75ml Bottle 1 $14.95 114007001 1 $14.40 Daler-Rowney Artist Masking Fluid • Used to create striking white highlights or areas for overpainting at a later stage • Forms a fast-drying, water-resistant film on watercolor paper and board, easily removed when dry by rubbing with an eraser, soft tissue or cotton bud 114007020 75ml Bottle 1 $17.79 114017020 175ml Bottle 1 $32.99 $16.99 Maimeri Fixative Varnish • Clear, colorless and transparent solution that does not yellow • Fixes and protects artwork • Slightly increases the brightness of colors if applied in a thin layer, and provides a glossy look in thicker coats. • Creates a flexible and water resistant film • Has a blue tint that artists can easily spot • Fast drying and easy to remove 75ml Bottle 1 Watercolor Varnishes Maimeri Artist Masking Latex 5816618 75ml Bottle 5816676 75ml Bottle 1 $14.40 5832675 400ml Aerosol Spray 1 $25.10 Maimeri Gouache Gloss Varnish • Clear and transparent solution • Affects the tones making the brush strokes obvious • Protects the painting from damage caused by weather. 5816690 75ml Bottle 1 $14.40 95