2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 69

ACRYLIC COLOR Brera Acrylic Color The prized color of acrylic painting. Challenging to work with, these acrylics require skill but render great, faithful and real colors. Brera Acrylic is one of our first acrylic colors, developed by the second generation of the Maimeri family. It has never lost its original qualities, which are a source of pride and enhance its value. An extra-fine acrylic, specifically designed for painting, with an excellent resin, brilliant finish, rich, easy to-use, brush-friendly and blendable paste, in no way inferior to oil colors. Specially formulated with the most desired pigments, in high concentrations for very high yield. With maximum light-resistance and extraordinary brilliance, the colors adhere perfectly to the support without leaving traces of brushstrokes. They dry quickly and guarantee extraordinary performance in density techniques. They create a uniform, silky, semi-lucid finish that has excellent resistance and endurance through time. 69