2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 6

Having spent over 200 years providing quality products to schools and offices all over the world, the historic LYRA brand - founded by Johann Froescheis in Nuremberg in 1806 - is one of the oldest pencil companies in the world. The Second World War brought Lyra to its knees, with 85% of its property destroyed by the bombing, yet the sheer dedication of its employees saw Lyra rebuilt in just two years. After a tough post-war period, Lyra began to grow again. Its products were always characterized by their impeccable quality, with production carried out using efficient methods which ensured respect for the environment. In the 1990s, the brand expanded into Singapore, Indonesia, Sweden and the United States as it grew into a solid, international company. Soon after its 200th anniversary in 2008, Lyra became “Italian” as it was acquired by the FILA creative family. Synonymous with innovation and quintessential German quality, Lyra is a well-respected name all over the world. Ever since it produced its first pencils, Lyra has stuck to strict rules to ensure the utmost quality - from the selection of raw materials right through to the manufacturing process. 6