2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 32

FINE ART PAPER Colorline® is a universal, economical and versatile line of colored papers. The fine toothed paper is suitable for sketching or drawing using pencil, crayon, pen, markers and gouache. It is also ideal for art and craft projects. The texture of the paper is very balanced; it is not too smooth but it is not too pronounced. The two different sides make it perfect for broad and fine point media. Colorline® is resistant to erasing and scraping, acid free and chlorine free. = Good = Excellent = Exceptional Colored Pencil The Colorline® range has a wide array of 24 colors which are vivid, and pulp dyed. Colorline® sheets are available in two weights - 150g and 300g. Colorline® Drawing and Papercraft 32 White (1) Rose Petal (10) Lilac (17) Ultramarine (24) Nut (33) Cream (2) Fuchsia (11) Violet (18) Turquoise Blue (25) Light Grey (35) Canary Yellow (4) Tomato (14) Sky Blue (20) Bright Green (29) Dark Grey (36) Buttercup (5) Red (15) Primary Blue (21) Moss Green (30) Black (38) Clementine (8) Dark Red (16) Royal Blue (23) Leather (32) Swatches may vary due to printing.