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Founded by the Montgolfier family in 1557, Canson is an unrivalled purveyor of inventiveness and excellence in paper production, combining ancient manufacturing techniques with the latest technology. A global leader in the fine arts paper market, Canson supplies artists, designers, architects, cartoonists and students with a wide range of top- quality products featuring an array of different textures, weights and colors. The brand’s mission is to enable everyone to express their talent with freedom and confidence, choosing one of the countless mediums to do so, with the overall aim of boosting art’s stature within our society. The Canson paper mill has always been synonymous with innovation: from the invention of the hot-air balloon - made entirely from paper - in December 1782, to that of colored paste paper, tissue paper, tracing paper, paper for art editions and digital photography, children’s drawing paper and paper for pastels, watercolors, oil paints and acrylic. In 2016, Canson joined the FILA Group. Production is still based in France, with the brand maintaining a strong emphasis on sustainable development. 3