2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 141

Terms and Conditions FINE ART INFO ORDERS FROM MACON, GA Receipt of this price list does not imply acceptance of orders. All orders are subject to acceptance by our Credit Department, and are subject to prices prevailing at that time. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Dixon Ticonderoga Company manufacturer UPC prefix: 0 72067 (and 4 084900 for Lyra products). TERMS Net 60 Days If State resale or Exemption Certificate is not on file, Sales Tax will be added where applicable. MINIMUM ORDER $250 Net on single shipments billed at one time PRICING POLICY Minimum Order Quantity is listed in “Standard Pack” Column FREIGHT POLICY Full freight will be allowed on orders for all Dixon Ticonderoga Company products amounting to $1,000 net or more. This freight allowance covers all shipments \[][ۜ[H ۝Y[\]\وH[]Y]\و[Y\XK\ZYZY[\K]ZZH܈Y\X\ K L ] ܙ\و\[ K [H\YЈ[و\[˂QVPH”X\HXHܙ\܈Y^XHYܙH[\X\ۋ][HYXY\N[XYH\H\]ZY[\\K[\XH[\Z[[\XHZ[[Z[][ [ۈYH[YYZXH\]ZY[؛\X[\Y^[\\HHܚ[\Y\وHXˈZH܈\KX[[܈\K\Y\\[Y\\ۜX[]B܈[H[XYHYܙ\Y܈\[\[Y^[X]\PQUB^ۈXۙ\H\]\Z[Y] JHX\Y[\ NX[\\HۜY\YۋUX[\Tݙ\Y[[[\[] H[X[H[][H\Hو۝[܈XZ]\وHXۙܛ\HY\[^\\”X[HX[[X \Y\\HY\Y]ݙ\Y[[[\[\[Y[][ۜ\HXXY\[š[\]][ۜ[[K[\Y\\H\YܙH[\YYXZHZ\ۈ]\Z[][ۜ\\XXX]\˂\Z[]\\]Z\HY][ۘ[XX[[\\[\ۈ\[\XˈHX[وܙ[^][ۜ\HX\XH[\H]\ˈ^H\NK\[ܙX]]HX]\X[[]]Hܘ[HX[وXY]H TB[[X[YX\\&\\X][ۈܘ[HX[وX][Y]H PHBXXX]\Y[][ۙHوHܙY[X[\H\X]HY[YZ[[Yۈ]XYKM