2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 139

Terms and Conditions FINE ART INFO DISPLAY RACK RECEIPT AND BAILMENT AGREEMENT Canson, Inc. and Dixon Ticonderoga Company are pleased to offer to the Customer whose name is set forth below, on a no charge basis, the use of racks (“Display Racks” or “Unit”) for the display of products supplied under the brands Canson, Daler-Rowney, Robert Simmons, Lyra, Maimeri and DAS. The terms of this Display Rack Receipt and Bailment Agreement (“Agreement”) shall govern the use of such racks by the Customer. SCOPE – This Agreement shall govern and apply to all Display Racks now in Customer’s possession or hereafter delivered to Customer. TERM - This Agreement shall commence, with respect to each Display Rack, on the day that each Unit is delivered to Customer and shall continue until terminated by either party upon ten (10) working days written notice. DELIVERY – Canson and Dixon shall, at their expense, deliver each Unit to customer’s address noted herein (“Location”). Unless performed by Canson/Dixon, Customer shall assemble, set up and stock the Unit in accordance with Canson/Dixon’s instructions. No Unit subject to this Agreement may be removed from the Location without the prior writte ۜ[ق[ۋ^ۋTRTSQӐQH8$\Y\[ ]]H^[K][[Y\XZ[Z[XX[][\Z\]\[ۋ^ۈ[\\\X[Y[\YHو\Hۙ\HYY\Y܈[HYHH][܂YXو\Y\[[ۋ^ۈ[[\\ \\X]Hو]\K\X[Y[[]ۈH\H\\Y\Y\[ۘ\[HXZHHܜ\ۙ[8'[\ܝY[\\K'H\Y\[[[ݙH[[[ ܂[\ Xܘ\X[YۘYH[Xܙ[H][۸&\[X[ۜ˂TH HXX[][H][^Y^\][H܈H\^HوX\\YH[ۋ^ۋ][^][ۈوH[] B܈[H\\K[Y[H\^Hو\X[ۜ]]HHX]\X[XXو\YܙY[Y[ \Y\[ ]]H[܈ܚ][ۜ[و[ۋ^ۋY^܈[\[Y[[HX\ܞKYۜY][ۜ[YX][ۜ܈\]X\\\X[H[] TTSUSӔ8$SӋVӈUHPQHTTSUSӈQTSHRUPSUHԈTPSUBшSUSTPHTRSTHSTQQTSQTшQTSPSUHԈUTԈHTPSTTHUTPTUˈ[ۋ^ۈ[HXXH\Y\܈\\Y\܈[H[\K[XYK܈^[Hو[H[܈]\H 8'Z[x'JH]\Y \XH܈[\XKH[H[][\[[ۛHB^[] XZ[H[HYHHYY[H܈][و[ۋ^ۋUTшTURTQS8$\ۈ\Z[][ۈو\YܙY[Y[܈[HX\ۋ\Y\[ ][ۋ^۸&\\X[ۋZ]\ JH\H]\[][ۋ^ۋ][ۋ^۸&\^[K܈ ZJH\\[XH[\HوH[]]\Y\&\^[KUH8$SӋVӈ[ ][[Y\]Z[[Y ]H[ۙ\\[[H[[[] KST H[ۋ^ۈ\\[]]H܈[\YYH\]]ܚ^Y[\]X]HH܈[\H\\[][ۜœ\X[[]˂PTSH8$X[[ܙ\܋܈Z[[]\HًH[] H[]Y\[ۈ[ۜ]]H\Y\&\X\[HقXXوH\\[ۙ][ۜ]ܝ\Z[\Y\Y\‘]BL