2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 136

FINE ART COLOR ASSORTMENTS & DISPLAYS Robert Simmons Brushes Assortments and Displays Shelf Display measures 15”w x 28”h x 13”d All Headers are reversible and can be positioned Left or Right to customize display arrangements. 241901301 Sapphire Short Handle Assortment 241901111 Sapphire Long Handle Assortment 265901301 Expression Limited Assortment 265901401 Expression Additional Styles Assortment 225901211 Titanium Long Handle Assortment 222901311 Signet Limited Assortment 222901411 Signet Additional Styles Assortment 220901201 White Sable Short Handle Assortment 220901211 White Sable Long Handle & Skyflow Assortment 219900001 Robert Simmons Brush Set Assortment (not pictured) 286901101 Robert Simmons Acrylic Short Handle Assortment (not pictured) 286901111 Robert Simmons Acrylic Long Handle Assortment (not pictured) 287901101 Robert Simmons Watercolor Short Handle Assortment (not pictured) 288911101 Robert Simmons Oil Assortment (not pictured) 225901211 136 222901311 222901411 241901301 241901111 265901301 265901401 220901201 220901211 Not all assortments are represented in this section. Maimeri, Lyra and DAS assortments not available at time of print. Updated 2018 merchandising solution is available separately.